International Bestselling Author, Speaker, Coach, TV Host

Natasha E. Williams

Natasha E. Williams, CFE, CIA, GRCA, GRCP is a #1 International Bestselling Author and a certified professional with over 20 years combined experience in banking and accounting. Natasha started the Boss Ladies Television Network in 2022 to empower women to live their best life by making key information and advice available through the variety of programming geared towards helping women turn their pain into power and take the ordinary to the extraordinary.

Dubbed ‘The Careers Queen’, and a regular commentator in national media

Angela Middleton

Dubbed ‘The Careers Queen’, and a regular commentator in national media, Angela teaches a holistic approach to careers and business, centred on physical fitness and mental health. After completing her own fitness transformation at the age of 55 which caught the attention of national media, Angela created the ‘Your Body Means Business’ programme that reveals how you can optimise your health, body and mind and use that to grow a successful business or job.

Owner - Coast 2 Coast Living Ltd

Anna Koivu

Born in Helsinki, Finland, Anna Koivu worked in the travel industry before moving to London in 2001 to pursue a career in property development. After 19 years as an investor and a developer, Anna set up a new company, Coast 2 Coast Living Ltd, in 2020. Her story is a story of how far teamwork can take you, and how you can become a developer or investor without using your own funds.

Expat Empowerment Coach and Podcast Host

Camilla Quintana

Expat Empowerment Coach and Podcast Host, helping global women embrace their distinctiveness and step into the next level of confidence, so they can leave their special mark in their workplace, home and community.

Author, Speaker and Personal Development Trainer

Cel Amade

Cel Amade is an Author, Speaker and Personal Development Trainer. She empowers, equips and educates young adults from across the world to recognise their own talents and potential, market their skills and redefine success in their own terms.

Founder - Your Soul Family

Alison Wem

Founder of Your Soul Family, Alison Wem teaches individuals skills to feel more in control of their life, therefore making them more effective at work and live more harmoniously at home. Unexpectedly widowed in her 40s with two children, with a demanding job and no partner, Alison took time and pain to rediscover herself and build a new life.

Board-Certified Family Physician and Wellness & Performance Coach, Mental Health Coach, Leadership Coach

Dr. Tomi Mitchell

Dr. Tomi Mitchell is a Board-Certified Family Physician and Wellness & Performance Coach. As an experienced, personable clinician with over ten years of experience providing client-focused, community-based, and hospital care, and an entrepreneur, Dr Tomi understands the competing demands of family and work.

Coaching Specialist Consultant, Professional Coach & Trainer

Ellen Patricia

Ellen Patricia is a coaching specialist consultant, professional coach, as well as trainer & speaker for more than 300 learning events in Indonesia and abroad. She provides her professional services to individuals, as well as various organizations, including the World Bank. In 2011, she founded Busur Emas Foundation which focuses on coaching, counseling, and learning

Female Empowerment Coach and Mentor, Leadership/Executive Coach, Certified Trainer

Irena Jakimova

Irena Jakimova is a licensed trainer of adults, Executive Coach, Business Coach and Transformational Coach for Women Empowerment. In 2016 she founded her own Training and Coaching Business, called Inspirit Coaching, training hundreds of people at home and abroad, helping leaders become more focused and aware of their own value and presence.

Business Development Head - Deepak Builders and Developers

Isha Chande

Irena Jakimova is a licensed trainer of adults, Executive Coach, Business Coach and Transformational Coach for Women Empowerment. In 2016 she founded her own Training and Coaching Business, called Inspirit Coaching, training hundreds of people at home and abroad, helping leaders become more focused and aware of their own value and presence.

Entrepreneur, Author, Speaker, TV & Radio host

Jennifer Hill

Jennifer K. Hill is a successful entrepreneur, author, speaker, TV & Radio host, and thought leader. Hill built and sold her first company by the age of 38 to Marcum Search LLC. She recently co-founded Om-Heals.com, an energy medicine marketplace platform to connect energy practitioners with users seeking to reconnect with their health and vitality.

President - Mortgage Managers Forum

Joanna James

For 20 years, Joanna has contributed to the rise of the award-winning Non-Bank Mortgage, EZY Business. In 2021 she was elected as President of the Mortgage Managers Forum at the MFAA to lead the resurgence of Managers within the Industry. Today, whether she facilitates finances for homes, demonstrates how to create healthy spaces or mentors groups for successful women, she empowers others to create the life and lifestyle that they truly desire.

Certified Professional in Talent Development and Master Performance Consultant

Ronda Robinson

As a Certified Professional in Talent Development and Master Performance Consultant, Ronda Robinson has won numerous awards, published multiple articles, and has been recognised for accelerating performance for a spectrum of large to small companies. She is the founder of multiple organisations and talent solutions including, Robinson Alliance Group, LLC RetainMyTeamTM Practical and Empathy Legendary Leaders Club.

Author, Speaker, Life & Business Coach

Inger Nordin

Author, Speaker, and Life & Business Coach with over 35 years of experience, Inger Nordin is the Founder and Owner of IN Life Amplification. Her mission is to help women step into the spotlight so that they can maximize success in business and life without feeling stuck and compromising their femininity.

Founder - Awesome Enterprises LLC,

Jacqueline Shaulis

Jacqueline Shaulis, Founder of Awesome Enterprises LLC, is the leading authority on communication-based personal leadership for intersectional introverts. As an introverted woman of colour, she's leveraged her challenging upbringing into becoming a transformational speaker, bestselling author, and executive coach & advisor to Fortune 500 executives, all while honouring her introversion.

Founder & Managing Director - Ninth Space

Nina Seredai-Udalova

An Entrepreneur with over 18 years of Middle Eastern experience, Nina is the Founder & Managing Director at Ninth Space – a strategy and design company that helps clients build meaningful and engaging brands. She is also a Founder & Managing Director at Véa – a training platform aimed to inspire the creation of powerful brands.

International Human Rights Lawyer, Peace and Development Expert

Olatokunbo Ige

International human rights lawyer, peace and development expert turned social entrepreneur. With 30 years of experience in the field of human rights, peace, security and disarmament in Africa, she recently retired from the UN and is now coordinator of The Livingstones Resource Center. Her exposure over the years to African policy-making and political leadership, both at the national and regional levels, has strengthened her socio-political judgment, which she uses in initiating and sustaining partnerships with diverse constituents.

E-commerce and Marketing Manager

Rachna Thakur

E-commerce and Marketing Manager, Rachna Thakur has a wealth of marketing experience of over 15 years working in various management consulting roles and supporting organisations across various business streams. She takes an active interest in supporting and developing careers of underprivileged children, whilst promoting environmental matters and helping to develop a net zero society.

Creator of programmes on Self-Esteem for children, Certified Practitioner for NLP

Tatiana Shukuroglou

Tatiana studied Business Administration in Boston, then Interior Design in Cyprus, before becoming a certified educator. She is the creator of programmes on Self-Esteem for children and a certified Practitioner for NLP. Her passion is helping people overcome issues by using their own inner power and helping them get rid of their blocks through hypnosis.

President and Founder - TeamAsia, Trainer

Monette Hamlin

Founder and President of 30-year-old TeamAsia, an award-winning integrated marketing communications firm that brings brands to the next level through integrated marketing, events, PR, creative and digital services. teamasia.com

Chairperson and CEO - IPM Holdings INC.

Isabelita Paredes Mercado

Chairman and CEO of IPM Group, Isabelita grew her business from the ground up, and today, her business is celebrated as one of Philippine's most influential companies in environmental management. IPM Group and its extensive subsidiaries boast mammoth operations spanning construction, property development, waste management, and even alternative fuel from waste. A fearless entrepreneur, Isabelita is a woman who has braved a man's world for 35 years, utilizing creativity, leadership and teamwork.

Founder - Filipino beauty brand Pili Ani

Rosalina Tan

General Manager - Kyani Philippines, Author - “Rising with Grit and Grace: From Mother of 8 to CEO”

Kate Bellosillo

A single mother of 8 and a corporate leader, Kate Bellosillo has heart, boldness, constancy and passion. As country head of Kyani Philippines, she set up the business from ground zero, ably guiding her staff and business partners, conducting leadership training and supporting them with constancy so they could take wing and fly. Everyone lovingly calls her “Mommy Kate,” because she is more than a GM to them.

Melissa Lim

Deborah Gallin

Mum Empowerment Coach, International Speaker, Bestselling Author

Dunni Atalabi

Dr. ‘Dunni is the Mum Empowerment coach, family doctor, international speaker, teacher, bestselling author of the book ‘Every Mum Is A Supermum’ which was nominated as the most inspirational book. She empowers mothers to break free from feeling overwhelmed and exhausted in their multiple roles while enhancing their overall wellbeing.

Gosia Wojciulewicz

Aygul Makbet

Makeup Artist, Hair stylist, Influencer

Daria Fidecka

Daria Fidecka is a makeup artist, hair stylist, influencer and most importantly a mother, who works with similarly ambitious women to help them believe in themselves and achieve their goals. Working with Market Partner, the world’s fastest growing hair care company, Daria has built a team of strong headed women including neighbours and friends in London but also has team members living as far away as Wales, and even in Poland and America.

Award Winning Coach, Author and NLP Practitioner

Dr Almira Ross

Dr Almira Ross is a certified award winning coach, author and NLP Master Practitioner who empowers senior women leaders to reconnect with their genius so they can transform their work environments and make their special contribution from a space of alignment, love and joy. She has helped women create a healthy work-life balance and encouraged them to step fully into their power and transform their work environment into a healthy, inclusive workplace that enables everyone to flourish.

Property Investment Entrepreneur, and Family Physician

Dr Folake Yusuff

Dr Folake Yusuff a.k.a “The Medical Entrepreneur” is a Property Investment Entrepreneur, and Family Physician based in the United Kingdom. She owns Property related businesses where she works with High Net-worth investors as either joint venture partners or providing consultancy services. Through her experience in business, she realised how start-up and early stage entrepreneurs struggle to get their message across and attract the right clients. She is now on a mission to help start-ups grow by getting clarity and visibility.

Transformational Mindset Coach, Mentor and Bestselling Author of the book, “The Answer Is You”

Mimi Bland

Mimi’s coaching and mentoring is not just about how to master your mind and your emotions but rather about how you can truly heal yourself and create everything that you desire in your life. Mimi has transformed hundreds of people’s lives with her Radical Transformation programmes, from individuals, to teams, and industry leaders.

Transformational Mindset Coach, Spiritual Coach and Therapist

Ramona Pop

Growing up in a simple family that never really understood who she was, Ramona found education and school as escape from reality. Juggling life as a single mother, Ramona discovered an unknown inner power, which gave her the courage to continue. This insight brought her the feeling of freedom and love for a new life. Driven by the will to overcome trauma and sadness, she encountered the teachings of many enlightened human beings. As a result, today she is a Transformational Mindset Coach, Spiritual Coach and Therapist. Her soul mission is to awake, empower and inspire millions of people worldwide.

international bestselling author of Dana’s Walk and co-author of Transforming Your Life and Permission To Do Life & Business Your Way.

Sera Johnston

Sera Johnston is an international expert, supporting and empowering mothers of children with disabilities across the globe, to reclaim their identity, health and happiness, letting go of labels and stepping into the women they are meant to be. Combined a successful 25 year training and development career, 18 years in management with the NHS, with her personal journey of raising her disabled daughter, following her life changing diagnosis of cerebral palsy at 13 months old - Sera knows first-hand what it is like to suddenly have your world change in a heartbeat while being a working mum.

Empowerment Coach and Mentor

Verna Haywood

Verna Haywood is an Empowerment Coach and Mentor. Experiencing a childhood of abuse and trauma and later being trapped in an abusive marriage, Verna fled to the UK in 1997, determined to be a voice for women in similar situations who have yet to find the strength to take the first step in creating a new life. Verna advocates ending violence against women, helping them find their strength and take their power back.

Lucy Larrson

Monique Mannen

Award-Winning International Best-Selling Author, Actress, Producer and Speaker

Pat Labez

Pat Labez is a lifelong advocate for seniors that many call “The Joyful Boomer.” She combines her professional life experiences with her love of the performing arts as the founder of Third Act Encore.

Paul Palmarozza

Sally Page

Board of Director and Conducting Officer - Foresight Group LLP

Adela Baho Vigneron

Adela joined Foresight Group LLP, a sustainable investor manager with head offices in London, in April 2020 and currently works as member of the Board of Directors and Conducting Officer, in the Luxembourg office. She is responsible for Risk Management and Valuation in the renewable infrastructure sector for Continental Europe. She has over 18 years of experience in the fund industry in Luxembourg, as financial analyst, portfolio manager for fixed income funds, and since 2011 as senior risk manager and Conducting Officer for Risk Management and Valuation.

Inspirational International Speaker, Leadership & Business Coach

Anne De Witte

Putting her dreams on hold, Anne de Witte took over her mother’s lingerie business, helping her parents pay off their debt and support their family. However, after attending a self-development event in London in 2017, Anne discovered her mission in life and clarified her vision. The aspiring coach and speaker hopes to inspire people to bring out the best in themselves and discover their unlimited success.

Founder and CEO of The Finance People

Anita Tweats

Anita Tweats started her career in finance before developing an interest in business, and set up her first company in 2001. She is now the Founder and CEO of The Finance People. She offers flexible finance staffing solutions nationally and has united hundreds of talented candidates with ambitious growing businesses.

Founder and CEO - Preventionoftype2diabeteswithagnes.com

Agnes George

Agnes leads from the place of service. authenticity, self belief, genuineness, humility and passion. Founder and CEO of Preventing Diabetes with Agnes, the health strategist helps people with high risk or pre-diabetes to prevent complications occurring. She is a best-selling author, international Keynote Speaker, Coach and Health Strategist with three decades of experience and knowledge in nursing and midwifery, caring for mothers and babies with gestational diabetes.

Innovation, Transformation & Business Development Ninja

Katerina Kadena

I am a diligent self-starter, continuous learner and avid networker, always seeking opportunities for growth and development and I relish a challenge. I also am a caring mother, a loving wife, a supportive friend and the Chief Ninja of Wisefour Innovation and Development Organisation where we consult and help people and organizations innovate, grow and thrive.