Agnes George

Agnes George has many aspects that compile her life. A mother, a son, and two amazing grandchildren.

Founder and CEO” Preventionoftype2diabeteswithagnes.com”Helping people with high risk, pre-diabetes to prevent complications occurring.

Best selling author, international  Keynote Speaker. Coach, Health Strategist, having three decades of experience and knowledge in nursing and midwifery, caring for mothers and babies with gestational diabetes.

Agnes believes that her responsibility as a diabetes health Strategist, her knowledge and experience is to take her Coaching and Speaking skills on prevention of type 2 diabetes to educate individuals taking this to a new level.

Prevention is better than cure!

Agnes formula for success.her purpose dedication, to include faith, self-belief, offering value, making a difference, offering a service, to doing something that she is passionate about, determination, changing lives, providing a service that can actually save lives.

Agnes’s passion is helping people to live a healthy lifestyle. With a vision to teach five million people within five years globally in the education of preventing type 2 diabetes.

The Global Woman Club has given me the opportunity to spread my message. Including speaking globally, I have organised my own events, webinars, workshops.

Global Woman Club aims to empower women around the world by giving them a voice. We encourage women to take a microphone and share their stories, their knowledge, their wisdom and expertise. We provide you a platform where you can feel safe and inspired to use your power of voice and bring a positive change to the world. If you would like to join us please email at [email protected]