Katerina Kadena

I am a professional change-catalyst. People perceive me as a seasoned change manager and applied improvisation & transformation consultant. I design and run innovative and transformational projects as well as consult, coach, and mentor organizations, with a “sleeves rolled up” approach, on matters regarding Value Creation, Team Transformation, Business Transformation, Innovation and R&D. 

I find myself in a balancing-act to continuously share positive impact across these various roles in my professional life. My attitude of ‘stay positive and never give up!’, coupled with my stubborn nature, and refusal to accept that there are things that cannot be done, has led to where I find myself today.

Challenges have become my comfort-zone owing to over 15 years of success in the development and implementation of large-scale tech and business projects.

I am a diligent self-starter, continuous learner and avid networker, always seeking opportunities for growth and development and I relish a challenge. I also am a caring mother, a loving wife, a supportive friend and the Chief Ninja of Wisefour Innovation and Development Organisation where we consult and help people and organizations innovate, grow and thrive. 

I am passionate about disruptive ideas and technology, coaching, training, and mentoring. I love seeing individuals, teams, companies and projects reach their full potential.

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