Anne de Witte

Eldest of 4 girls. Born Antwerp Belgium 13/1/62

I was a very scary, week girl, not understanding why people didn’t support each other. I didn’t feel comfortable in this world. I realised very young that I had to support and follow my parents. At the contrary  I had a lot of dreams, at 5 being on stage,at 12 travelling around the world, 14 th becoming Olympic champion, at 17  I was already training the best swimmers in my country with the greatest coach.

I also studied for a teacher at the primary school but I never did because in 1984 at 22 I restart my mother’s lingerie shop, letting go all my dreams.

Both my parents were sick. I had 3 sisters, there was no money so I started the lingerie business with paying the debt of my parents. I do it already 38 years with love and passion, my customers coming to my shop for a Anne’s experience! They know I really care about them and I give them my knowledge, and support them in their journey,

Every client has to leave my shop with a smile and a good product. I really love to empower woman by selling lingerie from the first bra till the last pants. Because  of my big assortment bra’s, and for helping people with breastcancer(my mother and sister had also  got cancer)my shop is so well known in whole the region of Antwerp. But it’s the little miracles that my clients realised that makes me so happy and energetic.

I also have been the president of the lingerie federation in Flanders till this summer from 2017.

I always thought to have a big family , I have been married in 1995 for 18 years, I don’t have children Because I got an ectopic pregnancy in 2000. I’m still happy I survived it. I’m grateful for the time I spend together with my husband.

Till 2014  I did believe that I wasn’t good enough to become a happy woman, because I didn’t realise my dreams and was struggling in my life. More than ever I have been supported by mentors and coaches.I’m so grateful for,  In 2017 at a self development event I was invited I found in London my mission and clarified my vision. I found my why. In the common years I love to create for my only niece Clara, who has special needs,a playground and a place where parents come together to support each other.

Today I love to become a speaker and coach to inspire people to bring out the best of themselves and so realising unlimited succes in every part of their life.  Never give up your dreams , some of them I carried half a century with me. When I come on stage I learn to swim people in real life, and realise all my dreams.  I created .Get inspired by Anne’ to empower woman, to create a good healthy, happy and wealthy life.

Very happy I came to London in June and the energy I felt there.

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