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Global Women Club helps you connect with like-minded individuals to support and grow your business

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A unique community that helps you to build your confidence, increase your ability to earn money, make friends and create a positive impact in the world. Grow your business through a passionate community of professional women who create, inspire and lead. Global Woman Club will help you to move out of your comfort zone and fulfil your true potential.

Global Woman Magazine

We feature women who are professionals, developing their career, building a business or those who simply want to share their story to inspire others.

Global Woman Lobby

A valuable resource for women to learn, share, engage, and do business, or find useful connections for others and have them found for you.

Global Woman Clubs

We are connected around the world with amazing women who support each other in their local communities. Click the link below to view all the cities.

Global Woman Academy

An online platform full of useful and informative video content, sessions from world experts, well known speakers that have been on Global Woman stages.

Global Woman TV

Sharing your story makes you become more visible and more present. But it is very important that you start sharing it in a safe environment that supports you.

Global Woman Awards

The Awards is an evening event which we would have held on the third evening of the Summit. The text for the Awards is different to the Summit.

Global Woman Summit

This virtual summit will provide new knowledge, inspiration, and networking, which will empower you financially and Conscious Leadership. 

Global Woman Speakers​

This huge opportunity to get publicity and reach millions of people. Especially now, in this time of crisis, media is always looking for experts like you.

Global Woman Digital

Your online presence is the key to your business success in 2020. We give you a complete platform to promote yourself including your own professional website.