Daria Fidecka

Daria Fidecka is a makeup artist, hair stylist, influencer and most importantly a mother, who works with similarly ambitious women to help them believe in themselves and achieve their goals.

Daria knows too well how easy it is to get sucked into, or how necessary it can often be, to work a 9 to 5 just make ends meet. However, in recent years Daria came across a new business and a new way of way. A way to earn money doing what she loves, on her terms and from wherever she wants.

Daria’s hands are always full at home with a teenager and a baby, so this led to her significantly reducing the number of clients with her makeup and hair business. But by spending her limited free time as a Market Partner for the world’s fastest growing hair care company has meant that her income has not seen a decline.

Working literally just on her phone from anywhere she was able to make time, Daria has built a team of strong headed women including neighbours and friends in London but also has team members living as far away as Wales, and even in Poland and America. Thanks to social media and video calls, Daria is able to stay in constant contact with her team to discuss potential new business and to mentor her members.

Daria believes that wellbeing is key to success so is proud to be part of a business that promotes natural vegan products, in a friendly and supportive environment.

Daria is trained as a hair colourist and stylist, and remains highly in demand as makeup artist, especially for doing bridal makeup at international weddings for High Net Worth clients. But Daria continues to train and learn each day, so that she can expand on her knowledge and skills, to apply to her own life and business, and to share with her team to help their own development.

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