Kate Labez

Pat Labez is a lifelong advocate for seniors that many call “The Joyful Boomer.” She is an award-winning international best-selling author, actress, producer and speaker who works with older adults to amplify joy and help restore, repurpose, and redefine retirement through the arts.

She was a certified administrator of a Residential Care Facility for the Elderly, receiving community recognition for excellence in healthcare services, and served as director of human resources and volunteer services for a health and human services agency. She combines her professional life experiences with her love of the performing arts as the founder of Third Act Encore.

Pat’s television work began in Hawaii over 30 years ago and, in her 60s, following serious health challenges, she returned to show business with TV roles on Blue Bloods, New Amsterdam, and others, as well as film, theatre, and musical shows as a producer or performer. 

She has served on many senior advisory volunteer programs including the Alzheimer’s Association, AARP, RSVP, Council on Aging, Hospice, and the American Red Cross. Pat and her associates help others navigate through the challenges that many face in approaching retirement, so they can experience a powerful Third Act, that period of life where wisdom, self-actualization, and leaving a legacy become increasingly important.

Invited to the Global Woman Club Summit 2022 in London by guest speaker Marie Cosgrove, it didn’t take Pat very long to decide that she wanted to be part of the Global Woman Club movement in New York City. “It just made absolute sense!,” says, Pat, “as someone who loves to travel, loves The Big Apple, and loves to encourage others, promoting this dynamic platform of empowering locally and connecting globally, is simply exciting!”

Global Woman Club aims to empower women around the world by giving them a voice. We encourage women to take a microphone and share their stories, their knowledge, their wisdom and expertise. We provide you a platform where you can feel safe and inspired to use your power of voice and bring a positive change to the world. If you would like to join us please email at [email protected]