• IPM Holdings Inc
  • IPM Construction and Development Corp 
  • IPM Realty and Development Corp  
  • Basic Environmental Systems and Technologies Inc ( BEST, Inc.) 

A woman in a man’s world, self-made, she grew her business from scratch. A recipient of various awards and celebrated as among the country’s most influential companies in environmental management, IPM Group and its extensive subsidiaries boast mammoth operations spanning construction, property development, waste management, and even alternative fuel from waste.

With the support of about 4,500 employees, her construction company alone ranked 600th among the TOP 1000 companies in the Philippines in Revenues for three consecutive years before the Covid 19 pandemic.

he Philippines in Revenues for three consecutive years before the Covid 19 pandemic. At the core of this herculean task and gigantic triumph is Chairperson and CEO Isabelita Paredes Mercado, fondly called ‘Eisa’. A fearless entrepreneur, EISA is a woman who has braved a man’s world for 35 years, utilizing creativity, leadership, teamwork, and employing the most innovative management techniques and the latest technology.

She is one of the few women and one among the top of the list who have been breaking barriers and breaking ground on numerous successful projects which demonstrate excellence, reliability, and a balanced approach to the typically male-dominated industry.

 But for Eisa, success doesn’t always mean being the best or having the most; it is about being happy and inspired by what you are doing and have achieved, knowing the positive and beneficial effect on the community and the country.

In addition, her company BEST, Inc is actively taking the lead in helping the country adapt to and mitigate the adverse effects of climate change and help achieve the Sustainable Development Goals. She is stepping up efforts by entering into high-level regional partnerships and engaging like-minded individuals, companies, and local governments to hasten the goal of inclusive sustainability for every Filipino.

She’s involved in many activities towards sustainability, starting with her core competence in waste management by helping change people’s behavior towards proper management of waste. She is also involved in countless other socially responsible initiatives for education and poverty alleviation which to her is a self imposed responsibility.

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