Dr Almira Ross

Dr Almira Ross is a certified award winning coach, author and NLP Master Practitioner who empowers senior women leaders to reconnect with their genius so they can transform their work environments and make their special contribution from a space of alignment, love and joy.

She trained as an electrical engineer and enjoyed a successful 25 year career in information technology, rising to the top of her profession. 

One day, things went sour.  The pressures and stresses of her last corporate role — as a high-powered senior leader — began to take their toll. Mentally, physically and emotionally exhausted, struggling to cope in a toxic work environment, she longed for meaning — for that ‘something’ she knew was missing, but couldn’t name it. She chose to leave, recover from burnout, and forge a second career for herself as a woman’s leadership coach. In this capacity she has helped women create a healthy work-life balance and encouraged them to step fully into their power and    transform their work environment into a healthy, inclusive workplace that enables everyone to flourish.

She has coached hundreds of women, taking them through powerful leadership programmes that have transformed their lives — at home and at work.  With improved relationships, renewed energy and confidence, her clients live their purpose, and truly lead the change they want to see in their world.

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