Mimi Bland

After much soul searching and a 25-year journey trying to get in touch with her higher self, andunderstanding the mind-body connection, Mimi gained incredible insight into how the mastery of thought and emotion can change one’s mindset. She learned how such insight empowers an individual towards self-appreciation creating a new person. It is this power of self-transformation that is the very essence of both her coaching and her book, The Answer Is You.

She is committed to helping people overcome their current limited realties through self-transformation and mind-body management. As a visionary, she identifies with people and possesses a gift for uncovering people’s true, untapped potential.

Mimi’s coaching and mentoring is not just about how to master your mind and your emotions but rather about how you can truly heal yourself and create everything that you desire in your life.

Mimi herself was a product of years of mental and emotional abuse but was resilient enough to do some serious stock-taking of her condition that left her feeling unworthy, unloved, and depressed.

She truly has a gift of transformation but Mimi is more than just a mindset coach, she actuallyreconstructs people’s mindsets. This reconstruction allows her clients to be completely in alignment with what they want to do or have in their lives. She guides them to a reality where they acknowledge that change comes from within themselves and they are accountable to them being the sole creator of their realities.

With a focus on clarity, energy, fulfillment, and defining and achieving success, Mimi elevates you to become the director of your own story.

“You have the power to heal yourself, to have anything you truly desire in your life; money, wealth, relationships; but you have to align yourself with it. There is a language or code that you have to speak to take your dreams from merely a conscious state to a physical reality.”

Mimi has transformed hundreds of people’s lives with her Radical Transformation programmes, from individuals, to teams, and industry leaders.

Through a deep intense life-transforming process including planning, structuring, and resolving complex issues, Mimi completely reconstructs your mindset, transforming your current reality with lasting impact.


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