Alison Wem

I am the Founder of YSF where we teach skills for you to feel more in control of your life so that you can be more effective at work and live more harmoniously at home.

How did I come by these techniques? I was unexpectedly widowed in my 40s and suddenly found myself with two children, a demanding job and no partner. I was not coping with life and certainly was not enjoying it. It took me time and pain to rediscover myself and build a new life. The techniques we teach are ones which helped me to move my life forward. Getting to understand yourself and embodying this information in a Soul Map, I have found, can provide intuitive life guidance to assist you in life.

A soul map is a visual representation of your life and an aid to understanding yourself better.  It strengthens your communication with your sub-consciousness, higher self or soul. These are different names depending on your beliefs. I like to call it your ‘inner you’ as it is more familiar and personal.

Soul Maps

In its simplest form you choose a soul map template and colour it.  Your energy will go into the picture and aid messages to be received from your ‘inner you’. As you colour, calmness will arrive and prepares you to receive intuitive life guidance. 

You can do this for yourself but if you need some help from me, I would share with you the key messages I perceive in your soul map along with the meaning for you for where you are in your life. 

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Alison Wem is married with five grownup children who have all flown the nest. After a successful corporate career, she left to pursue her true dream of helping people lead happier, healthier and more prosperous lives. Alison provides intuitive life guidance, creative therapy and mediumshipAlison moved forward from widowhood to find an inner strength and wisdom she did not know she possessed. She did this through Soul Maps, the subject of her books ‘Creating Your Soul Map: Connecting with your Inner You’ and ‘Finding Your Soul Family: A Guide to Personal Development’.

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Alison Wem: Soul Map Reading demonstration

Come and learn about Soul Maps which help you to connect with your personal wisdom. Learn how you can gain some insight into the challenges in your life so you can live more harmoniously at home and be more effective at work.

Alison will give a demonstration of reading some members of the audience Soul Maps for life guidance.

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