Ramona Pop

I come from a simple family, who have never understood me for what I am, and therefore somehow stepped on my personality. From some time on, this very family even started to become toxic to me and traumatized me emotionally.

I do not judge my mother and my father, but under the circumstances, school turned into salvation to me right from the beginning.

I am very curious, and I love to learn. I have always tried to find out what is beyond appearances, and it did not take me long to develop an irresistible interest for the unseen world.

As I was feeling deprived of love, I started looking for it outside my own family, and this is how I got to know the father of my only child, Serena, who was born when I was 27. Unfortunately, or not, this beautiful love story did not last long, and I saw myself compelled to act as both mother and father to this lovely soul.

Being a single mom, it was hard for me. Suffering accompanied my efforts to cope with a rather bitter reality. In the process, though, I discovered an unknown inner power, which gave me the courage to go on. This insight brought me the feeling of freedom and love for a new life.

At age 33, when my father passed away and luck seemed to forget my address, I decided to make a sudden and rather desperate change. In just 2 days I moved from Romania to the UK. I arrived here right on Christmas Eve, together with my daughter and my little dog, practically without money, but full of trust in a better future for us.

This is a moment I will never forget, as it was the most daring choice of my life. Since arriving here, in the UK, I started to look for answers deep in myself, driven by the will to overcome trauma and sadness, and to never accept toxic persons in my life anymore. Also, here, even if challenged by all kinds of difficulties, I have managed to discover that my real essence is love, and that I will let love lead me to a new perspective over life.

My thirst for knowledge, brought me to discover spirituality and I also started to attend several events and seminars.

During this discovery journey, I happily encountered the teachings of many enlightened human beings like Louise L.Hay, Osho, Sadhguru, Dr. Erin, Tony Robbins, Michael Titus Grecu, Neale Donald Walsch, Napoleon Hill, Bob Proctor, and others, whom I now see as my mentors.

The same thirst for knowledge determined me to study Psychology at a University in London, and to attend other courses combining psychology and spirituality. 

As a result, today I perform as a Transformational Mindset Coach, Spiritual Coach and Therapist.

I always loved to help people and I still do. I am happy to share that my soul mission is to awake, empower and inspire millions of people worldwide. I feel blessed to serve and support people during their transformation process. I feel blessed that I overcame my old self and I built up a new Me.

My favourite quote which gives me a huge direction in life is:’’ My inner world creates my outer world.’’

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