Ellen Patricia

Ellen Patricia is a coaching specialist consultant, professional coach, as well as trainer & speaker for more than 300 learning events in Indonesia and abroad.

She provides her professional services to individuals, as well as various organizations, including the World Bank. Her clientele comes from different parts of the world (Asia, Australia, Africa, Europe, & US).

Since 2018 until the Covid19 Pandemic started, she has her own weekly TV talk show in Indonesia, titled “Emotional Health Talk”.

Ellen holds a Master degree in Counseling, and she is certified by the International Coach Federation (ICF) as a Professional Certified Coach (PCC). Her skill in coaching is echoed by the “Global Coaching Leaders” Award which she received from the World Coaching Congress in India in February 2020, whereas her counseling skill is reflected in the award that she received in 2016, i.e. the Heartline Award. She is also recognized as one of the “Women Super Achievers” in 7th World Women Leadership Congress in 2020.

Prior to her career in coaching, counseling, & public speaking, she was a successful professional in the property business. She holds MA(Arch) degree from the National University of Singapore (NUS) and upon her graduation, she worked as an architect for a few years in Sembcorp Engineers & Contractors, Singapore. Following that, she worked in PT Jababeka Tbk, one of the largest property developers in Indonesia. Before she resigned, her last position in the company was the General Manager for Project Development.

Upon her resignation from the corporate world, Ellen Patricia decided to follow her passion in helping people to leap forward creatively.

In 2011, she founded Busur Emas Foundation which focuses on coaching, counseling, and learning. Under her leadership, the foundation has been partnering with various international & national organizations, and has grown tremendously.

To date, Ellen and her team have delivered high quality personal development programs for thousands of people in Indonesia. Ellen Patricia wide exposure and experience have enabled her to look at personal & organizational development issues from multi-angle and multi-cultural perspectives.


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