Inger Nordin

Inger Nordin – Author, Speaker, Life & Business Coach has over 35 years’ experience from big international corporations in management positions. Her drive, goal- and result-oriented focus developed her great leadership.

She is the Founder and Owner of “IN Life Amplification” with a mission to help women step into the spotlight so that they can maximize success in business and life without feeling stuck and compromising their femininity.

 After retiring Inger became bored knowing she had so much more to offer – missing being a part of something.

In 2017 she attended a life-changing seminar putting her on a new path and purpose. People started to approach her and tell her that she was inspiring and had a duty to step up and be seen – her new calling was verified. With a passion to help people to truly succeed, her coaching is almost always based on aiding people to recover their life-force particles and gaining mastery over all areas of their life.

Inger is a networker, connector, and inspirer – known for her big heart and always wanting to share and help others. “It’s never too late to start over – I did it when I was 65 – what’s your excuse?”


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