Joanna James

Joanna James is a Business Founder, who knew from a young age we are limited only by the constraints of our own imagination. So with unwavering faith, she embarked on a quest to find more in this lifetime.

Seeking areas of learning simply not taught in the main. Life delivered firsthand the what and the how she needed to change. This led to the realisation that everyone deserves access to vital success information, in a way that is implementable as holistic education. Founded on the understanding that suffering is simply not necessary, when are able to clearly define our own storyline. With a passion to empower people to rise above limitation, to star as their best self-reality to create a life of prosperity, her mantra is anything is possible!

With a varied career, Joanna has a love of people & beautiful places. Launching in Architecture & Building she developed a passion for creating unique spaces. Adorning boots & mixing concrete or envisioning a new design, she relished the dexterity of a multi-disciplined mind. Later embracing the science of Building Biology, a fascination grew to know how the spaces we inhabit effect our health, wealth & wellbeing. This led to a unique insight as to how the 3 are intricately linked sparking the creation of Shambhala@Byron, a hospitality business focused on true rejuvenation.

In parallel for 20 years Joanna has contributed to the rise of the award-winning Non-bank Mortgage Ezy business. Continually redefining her leadership style, from humble beginnings of doing it all, the group now spans internationally, managing loans in excess of $4 billion pa.

Joanna was recognised in 2020 as Principal of the year in the Women in Finance Awards. Further to this in 2021 she was elected as President of the Mortgage Managers Forum at the MFAA (Mortgage and Finance Association) to lead the resurgence of Managers within the Industry.

Yet after many years of searching, what was missing was more meaning. In 2016 the fabric of her world was pulled apart, forced to embarked on a full life review. Excruciating at the time her understanding of her own health, wealth & wellbeing all had to be completely redefined. Connecting the dots of holistic design with her business experience in finance. She saw enormous disparity when prosperity is not educated, as evidenced by the things lacking in her own learning. Joanna became driven to share new ways of success learning, particularly for other women, so that they might gain insight from her more difficult life lessons. With a calling to create positive change, she inspires a
holistic understanding for others to realise true freedom, she champions this is her role as Chief Ambassador for The Successful Woman.

Today whether she facilitates finances for homes, demonstrates how to create healthy spaces, or mentors groups for successful women, she empowers others to create the life and lifestyle that they truly desire.

Joanna speaks on topics ranging from Financial Freedom, Mindset, Leadership, Business Culture, Entrepreneurship, Success and of course Mind-Body-Spaces.

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