Ronda Robinson

Ronda has a mission – to infuse more humanity into the workplace. Why? Because everyone wins. Happy employees are more productive, more innovative, more collaborative, and they stay longer. Companies gain a competitive advantage and make more money.

As a Certified Professional in Talent Development™ (CPTD) and Master Performance Consultant, Ronda Robinson has won numerous awards, published multiple articles,and has been recognized for accelerating performance for a spectrum of large to small companies. She is a keynote speaker and has conducted custom workshops across the globe.

Ronda is known for cutting-edge yet pragmatic solutions with a people-first orientation, as they are the heart of any business. She consistently gets results by applying a blend of neuroscience (how the brain works), the art of performance improvement (how people work), and a splash of creative thinking.

She is the founder of multiple organizations and talent solutions including:

  • Robinson Alliance Group, LLC
  • RetainMyTeam™
  • Practical Empathy™
  • Legendary Leaders Club™

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