Come and meet the tennis coach of Richard Branson  

Four days at the Global Woman Summit have been transformational! But we have not stopped there. Since then we have been hosting more events with a big vision to create a safe space for women where men are welcome as well. We add value to each other.

This helps all of us to build our confidence, see our values and self worth and give back to society by empowering others. Investing in people and especially in women presents the biggest asset.

We are getting ready for the next event in London. This time we have invited 3 men, two of them champions in tennis and the other one a champion in business.

Yesterday we introduced you to the first speaker, Marc, who is a tennis champion coming from Germany. Today let me introduce James Cluskey, a former professional tennis player ranked 145 in the world. Winner of 15 professional titles, playing Davis Cup for Ireland for 9 years. James broke a Guinness World Record for the longest tennis doubles match playing for 60 hours continuous tennis. James Cluskey: Private tennis coach to Sir Richard Branson.

Join Us to Learn the Secrets of Winning:

This event isn’t merely a platform to passively absorb success stories; it’s a unique opportunity to meet the champions and learn about their journey. Throughout the event you’ll have the chance to gain invaluable insights into the champion’s mindset and the strategies that propel them forward. Discover how these remarkable individuals have navigated through life’s hurdles, shattered barriers, and relentlessly pursued victory. Their stories exhibit the great resilience behind human spirit and the limitless potential that resides within each and every one of us.

You will be able to engage with our speakers as they share the methods they’ve honed to overcome adversity, make crucial decisions under pressure, and embrace continuous growth. This event isn’t just passive learning; it’s an interactive experience designed to empower you with the tools and knowledge needed to embrace your inner champion.

We understand that your aspirations extend beyond the event’s confines. Whether you’re carving your path in your professional arena, driving your business forward, or striving for personal excellence, this event promises to equip you with a newfound perspective. It’s about unlocking the potential within you, embracing challenges as opportunities, and charting a course toward your own triumphs.

Come and join us on Thursday 17th August in Mayfair.

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