Earn - Learn & Return

Earn – Learn & Return

By Mirela Sula

I know you have been working hard, to study, get a degree, find a job, learn new things, build new skills, create an experience so you could live your life fully. But sometimes this journey looks like it has no end. Learning of course is a lifetime investment but at some point we also need to increase the ability to earn as well. I know the feeling. We are all in the same boat. I have been there too, seeing myself all the time in the learning zone. What was missing in fact was not the learning, but how to monetise what I learned. 

In the last 10 years I have been on such a journey. I moved to London with nothing, completely on my own with my teenage son. That trip to London will never be deleted from our memory. Imagine a single mother coming to a new country, with a child and just a handbag (the luggage got lost on the way and they never arrived). It was past midnight and I saw my son crying “Mama, do you know where we are going”. The truth is I didn’t, I couldn’t hide my tears so I ended up asking for help on social media. This is how my new life started searching for my path, with no money, very little english and no idea where to go. Now, why do I share this story with you? Because it took me 38 years to realize that in fact money has a big significance on your happiness. The lack of money puts you in real danger: You don’t have food to put on the table for your child, you can’t provide for your needs and your family. And yes maybe money doesn’t guarantee your happiness, but lack of money makes your life miserable. That’s why later on, when I had the chance to start something from scratch I knew what I wanted to do: To work toward my financial empowerment! I remember sitting on the floor of our little studio flat in Kilburn, crying and calling “God, Universe” . Give me one chance, show me how I get out of this, and I promise I will never let myself down again, I promise I will move and help others find their way as well. Deep inside me I knew I deserved to have a good quality life for me and my son, I knew I could help those around me to create the life they deserve too. I had been settling for very little for a long time. I undervalued myself, I underestimated my knowledge, my experience, skills and talents. The time had arrived for me to learn how to increase my ability to make more money and grow my financial freedom. I Needed to make it work for myself first so then I could help others. As they say “You should put the oxygen first” because “You can’t give something you don’t have”. Working with women from all over the world I have heard many times of them saying “I don’t work for the money” or “Money is not important for me” or “ I am not here for the money” Or simply responding in a very negative way the conversation was around money. This is where I wanted to focus my business and this became my why. 

While working with women who have been abused I remember dividing women in two groups during my workshops with them. I would ask group 1: Why do women stay so long in an abusive relationship? And their task was to write a list of reasons and factors. I would ask the group 2: What encourages a woman to leave an abusive relationship. Their task was again to write a list of factors. At the end, each group would come to present in front of all and interestingly, after a while I started seeing that almost at each workshop, all groups would report more or less the same factors. I did start seeing the correlation and the results would be:

Group A:

Women stay for so long into an abusive relationship because they lack confidence and they lack finance to support themselves on their own. The perpetrators destroy their self esteem and control them financially. 

Group B:

Women manage to leave the abusive relationship when they build some confidence and create some savings. When women start making plans on how to escape, the first thing they need to secure is some savings so they can live independently. 

Now, why I am sharing this story with you is because I really believe that money plays a big factor in our life, and especially women need to learn how to increase the ability to earn more money and gain their financial freedom. This experience has really helped me to start my business. The very first thing I needed to figure out is: what do I want to do with the rest of my life? I had been on such a journey of struggle, abuse, pain and adversities. I had hit rock bottom and I believe everything happens for a reason: we go through such an experience so we can get the lesson and learn to move on. So when I realized what I wanted it was like a big calling for me. The answer was so clear. My purpose has always been to support women, to empower them in any way I can. Now the question is how? I found the how during these workshops. First you identify what is the problem you want to solve. And I had the problem presented to me every single day: Women lack confidence and the ability to earn their own money. 

That’s why this time Global Woman Club is not only bringing a networking event for you, but also a money bootcamp after the network. Yes we will be talking about money all day long, so if you have any “allergy towards money” maybe this is not the place for you. But if you really want to increase your ability to make more money this will open your eyes. We are partnering with SheisAMoneyBoss and Jo Davison, the founder, will also be teaching her formula about money.

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And here is one more piece of good news. If you really are serious about making money and moving even faster and bigger, come and join me with Robert Kiyosaki on 31st October. Yes, Kiyosaki is coming to London with his team and you will have the chance to learn from the best. 

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