You Are Good Enough

I just had a call with a young lady that made me reflect a lot. She said “I have been watching the Global Woman Club activities for years. I admire the women there. One day when I achieve something I want to join. For now I feel I am not ready”.

In fact she was saying “I am not feeling good enough”. 

It breaks my heart when I see women doubting themselves. I am telling you this woman was amazing and so talented. 

I have been working with women for over 20 years and still when I hear them saying how insecure they feel I am speechless. All I could say to this young lady was: My dear, yes you are ready. But you have to give yourself the permission to release the fear. You have to empower that inner voice that is trying to stop you. You don’t need to achieve anything more to join us. In fact, you are needed! Your talent, your story, your journey is enough to start and bring contribution.  And I know the feeling, we as women are not just looking to survive or succeed, we are looking for significance in life, a sense of achievement that gives us validation. 

In the Global Woman Club women are already liberated from these fears, and if not very soon they meet others who have been there and they learn how to get out of that zone. If you are a woman feeling: I am not ready. I don’t have a business. I am a nobody. I have to get better…. Yes you get better and better everyday by surrounding yourself with people who see the talent in you, who see the greatness in you and who inspire you to take action. One thing is true for sure: If you are trying to achieve alone, it’s going to be hard. If you are feeling stuck in a toxic environment, get yourself out of there and find the light where you can nurture your talent and very soon you will be thriving.

I must say, there are not only women who often feel a lack of confidence and self-esteem. Many times I also meet men as well who feel so insecure and I believe for them it must be even harder, because society has created some false beliefs that men should be strong, confident and always know what to do and how to fix things. 

That’s why we have created this community with the Global Woman Club where the doors are always open for men as well and we are so proud to launch the Global Man Club on 3rd November. Our vision is to create a community that is not divided for any reason including gender, race or ethnicity. We aspire to create a global platform where our members work consistently to become the best version of themselves and reach their highest potential. I know the people we attract in our community have a shared vision and a sense of purpose, to help others, to grow together and achieve success by tapping into their talents. Talents that this world needs and if we learn how to collaborate rather compete, how to support rather than fight this will be such a great legacy to leave to the next generation. 

Come and join us on 3rd November where women and men will celebrate the official launch of the Global Woman Club.

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Global Woman Club aims to empower women around the world by giving them a voice. We encourage women to take a microphone and share their stories, their knowledge, their wisdom and expertise. We provide you a platform where you can feel safe and inspired to use your power of voice and bring a positive change to the world. If you would like to join us please email at [email protected]