7 Secrets to Success On Your Journey

7 Secrets To Succeed on Your Journey

By Mirela Sula

In the last 15 years I have been on such a journey which has completely transformed my life. And I am telling you, it has been so exciting and so much fun. All I have done, I have committed to attend 3 events a week. Well, when I started I took on a challenge: 7 events a week, and I did it. The first year, before I knew where I was going and how to get to a place that I liked to be, I simply decided I would attend lots of events, meet lots of people, network, connect and learn as much as possible. After one year I felt I was a different person, I was enlightened, I was clear with my vision, I was wiser, I had gained lots of skills, great experience and became more hungry to keep going. Since then I never stopped. 

7 Secrets to Success On Your Journey

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Honestly, there is no secret, all you need is consistency. That’s why I created the Global Woman Club. It’s the formula that I have seen working perfect if you really follow it.

And here it is more in detail: 7 simple steps to follow!

  1. Find your purpose – what do you want to do in life? If you are struggling to find it go to events every day: network – network – network!
  2. Empower your mental capacities – Best way to do that, get out of your comfort zone (my favorite concept is “get out of the house”:  Meet new people, network – network – network!
  3. Build a platform – How? Again, get out of the house, extend your circle of people, upgrade them every day. Grow grow grow: How? Network – Network – Connect – Collaborate.
  4. Create products! Unless you have products you will not be able to sustain your purpose and your vision. How are you going to survive? You need to serve – serve – serve. Best way to put this system in place, again: Network – Network – Connect – Collaborate!
  5. PR – Media – Publicity! Yes you need to build your PR and make sure you raise your profile. How? Same answer again – Get out of the house: Meet New People, connect, be active – Be Unstoppable. 
  6. Position yourself as an authority! Become an expert! How? Build your own blueprint formula. It can start with an E-book, a workbook, or a webinar. Where do you find the ideas? How do you get the help you need? Again, same answer: Get out of the house. Meet new people who can walk and work with you, partner with them, allow yourself to be open and exposed with new ideas and stimulation. Allow yourself to take actions and not wait to be perfect but just start and keep going.
  7. Speak – Speak – Speak! Learn how to become a public speaker so you can present your vision and transfer it to other people so they can also believe in it and work with you, support you on that journey. Where do you find these speaking opportunities? Easy! Get out of the house. Come and join the Global Woman Club! You learn with us, build your skills, your confidence, your network, and as a result grow yourself and your business/career/ finances to the next level.

So this is the whole secret. Simple, straight to the point and it guarantees results.

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7 Secrets to Success On Your Journey

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