7 Steps to Take your Business Global – Mirela Sula

By Mirela Sula

In the last 10 years I have been traveling around the world and I have met thousands of women with a big desire to grow, expand and go global.

You perhaps wanted to have launched your business earlier, or you don’t feel you are not prepared now. The good news is that you are still on time to start building your vision and a global platform! The opportunities are coming back!

If you start right now, you are on time to create a break-through and accelerate on your path, start developing your projects, grow your career, follow your dream and feel fulfilled.

My name is Mirela Sula and I help female entrepreneurs start their business, leverage it, scale it and take it global. How do I do it?

These are 7 principles that I have applied to take my business Global. It is a blueprint formula with 7P that will guide you to master these steps!

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Step #1: Purpose

Explore what is your purpose at this moment! How can we evaluate our purpose and how can you make it bigger and make sense at this time? This step is the most important one, without having a clear purpose, you can’t have the clarity to change things that need to change in your life and reach your fullest potential!

Step #2: Powerful-strong mind

As we all are going through this uncertainty, which we don’t have control over! However, we still have control on how we respond and how we turn challenges into opportunities. For this we need to make sure we feed the right “food for our thoughts” so we keep a powerful mind. At this stage we explore how you can tap into your inner potential by creating a healthy positive mindset, regardless of our circumstances. You will learn how to build a habit of progress and avoid failure by finding your true power inside of you! By having a clear purpose then you need a strong mind to support your vision. I always say “A Big Vision, Can’t Sit in a Small Mind”

Step #3: Platform

Learning how to build your platform can become a game changer for you and the world. If you don’t have a following, but you still have a passion to change your life by learning how to create a platform will give you the power to be the reporter of your knowledge and also to help others share their expertise.

Step #4: Products

Redesign your ideas and turn them into products. Many things that worked in the past perhaps need some re-design and different pricing in this new situation. Once you start building your team and your platform, then you need to explore all the resources that you have, and add more services. Then you want to make sure you take ownership of your products by creating your own copyright!

Step #5: PR & Media Publicity

As you start building your online presence and your personal brand or if in business you start growing, then you need to make sure you create a good PR (creating a positive impact online & offline). A good PR helps you to build your credibility by cultivating a positive reputation with the public, through various communications, including traditional media, social media and in person engagements.

Step #6: Publish a book

This is my favourite topic and this is the best time ever for you to write a book. We all have a book inside us. We all have stories, experience and unique talents. Have you been thinking how you can use this time of crisis and turn it into a time for writing a book. In my book boot camp my ladies usually write their book in 2 weeks. We are not talking about you becoming a writer here, but there is a difference between being a writer and an author! In the Business Show, I will share a few secrets that can help you start immediately and get results.

Step #7: Public Speaking

Once you have a clear vision, determined to follow your purpose with a strong mind, a powerful team and great services, then you want the world to know more about you. This is where public speaking can help you move to the next level. This time is perfect for you to get more exposure and visibility. I have built my empire based on this mantra “If you want to empower a woman, give her a microphone”! Getting that mic and putting yourself in front of your audience helps you to build your confidence, get out of your comfort zone, build great communications skills, create new relationships, get the message out there in the world and bring more income for your business! Public speaking is a fast track path to help you go global! I started the journey of public speaking


This is designed to give you the opportunity to position yourself as an expert in a big audience, or within your workplace and start creating more branding awareness about what you do and what you want to achieve. Clearly it helps you to strengthen your purpose and follow the right steps to make sure you reach it.

Watch the video

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