Speaking campaign terms and guidelines for women who will speak at Global Woman Events.

  1. You have been selected to be a part of this 6 months speaking campaign, for empowerment and to increase global branding awareness.
  2. Your speaking engagements will be online as part of our Global Woman Club events.
  3. Your speaking engagement will be as part of a panel session or 10 min presentation around your story, your journey or share your expertise.
  4. You are invited to speak at our live event with Global Woman Club London which is organised every month in London. In this case your speaking engagement will be part of the panel for 40 min or you  can have a 5 min presentation as a solo speaker. 
  5. We will share with you the calendar of the events and you can share with us the dates and clubs you would like to speak. We coordinate the rest.
  6.  At this campaign you will be featured in different banners, social media and magazines. This will be a great opportunity for you to raise branding awareness and raise your profile.
  7. Global Woman has the rights to record your presentations and use them for the marketing purpose.
  8. You will have the chance to promote your work, your projects and products but this speaking campaign is not for you to do any selling from the stage.
  9. This campaign gives you the opportunity to speak on the GW platform at different events, but you will still have to book your ticket to attend. If you are not a member of GWC please contact our support team at support@globalwoannclub.com to give you access to our events.
  10. If you would like to upgrade your speaking to a bigger stage like Global Woman Summit, please email at: London@globalwomanclub.com
  11. If we realise that you are not ready to go on a stage yet because you need more confidence and training, we have the right to postpone the speaking engagement until you are ready. We have provided as a bonus one full course on public speaking which you can access for FREE! https://globalwomanacademy.com/public/course/252/how-to-become-a-public-speaker-and-book-global-stages
  12. This speaking campaign is for online global Woman club events only. If you would like to upgrade to a bigger event and live events please email us at support@globalwomanclub.com