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Let’s go to the Bigger Future where women can Earn – Learn and live the life they want

7 Weeks Programme with a proven method to make your business a success !

The ultimate woman’s entrepreneurial and leadership training

– Think big & Go Global ! Start, Grow, Scale and Take Your Business Global !

In this 7-weeks programme you will learn how to think outside of the box and take your movement global.

In this 7-weeks programme you will learn how to think outside of the box and take your movement global.

This course is designed for women entrepreneurs and leaders who want to invest time to think, grow and bring revolutionary ideas to the table, in order to get their movement global.

This course is an opportunity that is created for women who want to start a global movement.

With this course you will begin a new journey towards creating a life that gives you more purpose and more fulfillment because it will be about the contribution and the impact that you will create in other people’s lives as well.

This programme is designed to give you the tools that you need to grow, stimulate and achieve the success that you want.

The main focus of this programme is on how to optimise and maximise the impact that you can create in the world and strengthen your business and your brand on a global scale.

Through a combination of 7 online courses, the exercises and the private sessions that we will have together we will together seek out and find the core tipping points that can make the biggest difference in your growth and success in the shortest period of time.

By the time you finish this programme, you will know what you really meant to do, grow your vision and start a global movement.

For the first time we are applying new content at this course by also tapping into the expertise of other trainers. We are so excited to bring Tracy Stone on board, a professional trainer who will be the head of the business school.

At this training we will share with you all the knowledge and 25 years of experience (each of us) in building communities, working in the media, leadership, and developing skills in speaking, branding and marketing, and also how to make a business successful.

The Global Woman Business School is an opportunity for you to dig deep and to expand the vision that you lead in explosive and invigorating ways. By growing your skills and implementing them into this business, you will be able to see the opportunities that you can reach and become an influencer and big leader in your community.


Think big and go global


How to connect with your higher purpose


How to tap into the power of your mind


How to build a platform and turn it into a global movement


How to create & launch compelling products


How to write and publish your own book


How to be featured in big media


How to become a public speaker and book global stages

Here You Will Learn

How to connect with your true purpose and make sure that before you start, your vision is big enough and you are ready to take it global.

How to navigate your mental power, tap into your biggest internal forces and be able to hold to your vision.

How to create an online platform using social media and other channels, that will help your vision to come to reality faster.

How to design online products that your customers will love (even if you’re starting from scratch or have existing products), by building powerful automated sales funnels.

How to position yourself as an expert in your industry and establish your authority in your field by becoming a published author!

How to be featured in the media and raise your profile by reaching more PR and visibili

How to become a public speaker and book global stages by using your story, expertise and brand to connect with a global audience.

Invest in your future self

A programme with a proven method to make your business a success

Are you ready to start a business, create an online presence and build a global audience?

Would you like to attract new students to your classes, training and retreats?

Would you like to increase your ability to earn more and generate more income for your business?

Would you like to become a renown international public speaker and book global stages?

Would you like to write your book, publish it and make it a bestseller?

Would you like to be featured in the media and build more visibility and exposure?

Would you like to grow your followers on Facebook, Instagram, Clubhouse & get more out of social media in less time?

My mission is to help Women Find Their Purpose, Gain Financial Freedom, And Motivate Others To Do The Same.

Imagine What Your Life Would Be In One Year From Now, If You Were To Implement These Strategies That I will be Sharing With You?

I wish I’d had when I first started: helpful advice and trainings how to build your first website, how to speak on global stages, create products and build an online business.

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Finance is the biggest concern that women are facing today – Many studies show that women rank lack of finance as one of the biggest challenges as they cope with everyday life.

3 Main Reasons To Join

Global Woman Business School

1.Global Expertise

Why you will want to join the GWBS is because you will learn the fast track formula, how to start a business with no capital, to scale it and take it global.

This programme will expand your thinking and move beyond your local zone. Through expanding your capacity to think and act, you will access a broad mix of training, private sessions personally with me and meet other experts who will guide you to reach your real destinations following the best path.

By following this path, you will be able to re-connect with your own message and tailor your success story, so you can offer your own knowledge to many people who need it.

2.Financial Power

Which is calling you to join this programme is all about finance. My goal is to empower woman financially. We often hear “Your network is your net worth”. I will not only share the “how to” with you but I will personally open my platform for you. You understand the power of these connections that can potentially bring joined ventures, business partnerships or sharing knowledge. You will also have access to other experts who went through the trenches to build wildly successful companies.

3.Instant Access To Multiple Entrepreneurs

Is that you will have INSTANT ACCESS to multiple entrepreneurs who have built a 7-figure business. And what if they gave you the blueprint on how they broke through to the next tier of revenue, when they were in your situation?

If you’re a woman entrepreneur or thinking to start your business, this is your best opportunity to find a map that will help you find your purpose, empower your mind, access/build a platform, create your products, become a public speaker and build your global brand.

Here you will find the “Modern Mentorship Programme” for the new era of woman entrepreneurs, the new celebrities of our time, who will inspire the next generation.

This is an invitation for you if you are a woman who wants to:

Create a new direction in your career and to stop feeling lost in your path

Help other women to find their path

Move to the next level

Earn your own money and be independent

Inspire others and create a positive impact in the world

Invest for your bigger future

Ready To Start Your Global Movement And Make A Bigger Impact, Take Yourself Into A Transformatoonal Journey Today

By Joining Global Woman Business School

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