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Welcome from the Global Woman Founder
–Mirela Sula

I have always been passionate about empowering women, and also interested to understand what is the role of men and the say of each of us in this process. For decades the balance of power has not shifted to make a significant difference in our reality.

Today however, women are having a more powerful influence on a bigger area of our world than ever before, and bringing a more spiritual and nurturing presence to the planet. This exciting aspect of human development is just the beginning.

“ If you want to empower a woman – give her a microphone ”MIRELA SULA – FOUNDER


Global Woman Club idea came when MIRELA SULA was given a target to run 2 workshops per week – whilst working for a women’s organisation.

The target was to bring 20 women to each workshop – with just six weeks to do this. WEEK 1 workshop had 3 WOMEN – but by WEEK 6, Mirela had 75 WOMEN per workshop. This is what motivated Mirela to start Global Woman Club. Within 1 YEAR, there were 14 CLUBS and 100,000+ SUBSCRIBERS.


Global Woman Club in London started in March 2016, to celebrate International Women’s Day and since then it has grown and created a membership model where women come together to empower each other and lift each other up to greater success.


At our events we never hire guest speakers 

if you are a member – YOU ARE THE SPEAKER. 

We believe every woman member has a distinct expertise and a real story to share, plus there is plenty of time for networking and making powerful new friends.