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Network with Professional Women in Stockholm City Club, Sweden

Join us at our next breakfast event in STOCKHOLM CITY CLUB, SWEDEN. Here, you’ll get your chance to tell your story and connect with like-minded, aspirational women.

Whatever your history or track record, what’s important, is how big your future dreams and ambitions are – and how to achieve them. Global Woman Club Stockholm is here to help you become the best version of yourself, so celebrate the diversity and energy we offer, and discover “it’s 100% POSSIBLE AND ACHEIVEABLE” – with a little help from your new friends.

To discuss membership and how you can benefit, please contact me directly. I’ll do my utmost to help, and hope to see you soon.


Cathrin Nilsson

Regional Director, Stockholm City Club

You can contact Cathrin at
Phone 46 704 242877


Cathrin Nilsson

Regional Director, Stockholm City Club

Getting to know Cathrin, her background, her business now, how she got to know and became involved with Global Woman, and then the Director of evenings club, and Why she loves it and her own vision and personal perspective for growing Global Woman Club in Stockholm and connecting globally.

Cathrin Nilsson is a Swedish woman who always takes chances and opportunities and she believes in open communication, and that everyone should be true to their heart and values. She inspires to build and to think in long lasting relationships, income and education. She is a speaker, educator and author who has experience in a wide range of industries and has, through her open heart and mind, always been a person to listen, learn and grow.

Cathrin has always been awakened to changes in the world and when she has shifted companies or industries she has done it with honesty and reasons to follow her value. Cathrin says:

“My biggest advice is to be true to yourself and to your heart, it’s your life and you should honour your values and live it your way”

Cathrin has been a business partner in the company Better Globe since 2009, where she owns thousands of trees and gets a good return each year on it – helping people help themselves, for a win-win-win outcome. Better Globe’s vision and long-term goal is to reduce poverty and corruption in Africa. They are working on planting trees in semi-eastern Africa where nothing else grows. They create jobs, help farmers to increase their returns, finance micro-lending banks, schools and water-related projects.

In September 2017, Cathrin met Ellen Bjerkehag (Director for Stockholm breakfast and Sweden) and she directly felt that it was something special with Global Woman. The way that Mirela Sula, the founder, built up the company with everything she has done, was something she really wanted to be a part of, and one year later, she will become a Regional Director of Stockholm City Club in the evening.

It’s important for Cathrin to be a part of a company that has the same values as she does, such as:


  • Honesty
  • Respect
  • Diversity
  • Love
  • Change
  • Team work
  • Open communication

And in Global Woman she has found it!

Cathrin will now capture and spread over 20 years of knowledge and experience to impact lives globally and help people to take their life to the next level.