Global Woman Club Radio Show

A new project started in January 2018 as part of the campaign Grow your Brand Globally’.

The Global Woman Radio Show will create another media space for women to come and share their stories and inspire the audience.

The show will be broadcast weekly. Each week will host a successful woman who is giving a great contribution with her work.

Through interviewing many women from all around the world for the Global Woman magazine, we have inspired a global audience with their stories. Now it is time to bring their words to life and hear their voices on a radio show, where we can hear their passion, their pain, their emotion, their joy, and their excitement, as we have created a dedicated platform for connecting them directly with the audience.

The Global Woman Radio Show broadcasts live and aims to publicise and highlight the work of successful women from all around the world. Particularly to show the great work that women are doing.

Topics covered will included:

•       How to empower women
•       How to gain financial freedom
•       How to grow your business globally
•       How to grow your network
•       How to do marketing better

If you have an inspiring story to tell, want to reach a bigger audience to promote your work, launch a new project, or a business, then click here to contact us.