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Faten Amamou 
Regional Director

Network with Professional Women in City Club Paris

With Your Host, Faten Amamou

Join us at our next breakfast event in CITY CLUB Paris . Here, you’ll get your chance to tell your story and connect with like-minded, aspirational women.

Whatever your history or track record, what’s important, is how big your future dreams and ambitions are – and how to achieve them. GLOBAL WOMAN CLUB CITY CLUB THE PARIS – FRANCE is here to help you become the best version of yourself, so celebrate the diversity and energy we offer, and discover “it’s 100% possible” – with a little help from your new friends.
To discuss membership and you can benefit, please contact me direct. I’ll do my utmost to help, and hope to see you soon.

Faten Amamou
Regional Director

Paris city club


Faten Amamou

Build in Solitude, Expand in Connection, Release in Diversity

From a very early age I knew that opportunities can be much bigger and infinitely more interesting if we expand our connections with other globally. I was born in Tunisia, a Mediterranean country which is open to both eastern and western regions, into a family of merchants and businessmen.  From the very beginning I was immersed in international business culture.

When I first started working as a French chartered accountant in the family firm, I felt like there was something bigger, I felt like I needed to expand into the global market. It was then that I started looking for an international network wherein I could enhance my professional career. As a result of being able to speak 3 languages, Arabic, French and English, fluently, I was asked to become the French ambassador of an international business club based in Dubai. It was with this company that I worked to build a business bridge between the eastern countries and Europe. It was an exciting journey where I learned how one can harmonize two different cultures in the world and still carry out business ethically.

At the beginning of 2017, I have created my own international accountancy firm ESCEC International with the same global business vision I started out with but at that time I wanted to build the bridge between all the regions of the world not only between the Arabic and European communities.

How did I know about and become a member of Global Woman Club?

Right after setting up my company, I was in a big event of French entrepreneurs in Paris. At that time I was looking to provide consulting services to French Institutions and a businesswoman approached me to seek legal and tax advice when setting up a startup company in Paris.  It was after this discussion that she invited me to attend the Global Woman Club, as she believed I held the same global vision to unite all cultures, ages and races in the business world.

Upon further investigation, I found a business breakfast near my office, and was excited to attend. It was in December 2017, at my first event where I met Connie-Lee Bennett, the national director of France and Mirela Sula, the founder and visionary. I was immediately blown away by the warm welcome and impressed by the ambience and the professionalism of the team. When Mirela Sula explained the vision and the goal of the club was to inspire businesswoman to go internationally, I immediately knew that I had to be part of the club.

Global Woman was putting into action the exact intention and vision of my own company.  Mirela went on to explain that the clubs in each country are set up to help and support businesswomen to reach their goal, I decided then and there to become a member on the day. I have been a member now for almost a year and I haven’t missed a single breakfast since and I was delighted to attend the annual Global Woman Summit in New York City this year as well as attend other International breakfasts and events.

Since I became a member, I have met the right partners to take my business to the next level and I can see how my business is now beginning to shift and grow on an international level.Meeting like-minded businesswomen from all over the world is priceless.  It is at these events that entrepreneurs are able to get business tips and insights from experienced professionals who I have found to have been more than willing to support the members in the club. These connections help everyone to get a deeper understanding of business, other cultures and who they are as individuals.

What have I gained by joining the Global Woman Club ?

By joining Global Woman Club I have:

  • Met like-minded women who have now become my business clients
  • It is because of the connections that I have made that I am now an expert columnist for the expatriate magazine and have been nominated as “The Best Expert to Know in Paris” in the Best of Paris 2018 competition
  • Been featured on numerous English speaking radio shows to speak about my business and what has inspired me to become a leader in my field.
  • Had the courage to co-author an inspirational book for businesswomen in France and other inspirational Global Woman Club Paris members
  • Grown as a businesswoman
  • Begun to take the first steps to taking my business internationally