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Tiziana Palazzo - Regional Director of Global Woman Club Milan Italy

Regional Director


Network with Professional Women in Milan, Italy

with your Host, Tiziana Palazzo

Join us at our next breakfast event in MILAN, ITALY. Here, you’ll get your chance to tell your story and connect with like-minded, aspirational women.

Whatever your history or track record, what’s important, is how big your future dreams and ambitions are – and how to achieve them. GLOBAL WOMAN CLUB MILAN is here to help you become the best version of yourself, so celebrate the diversity and energy we offer, and discover “it’s 100% possible” – with a little help from your new friends.

To discuss membership and you can benefit, please contact me direct. I’ll do my utmost to help, and hope to see you soon.



Regional Director

You can contact TIZIANA at

Phone: 0039 3282061998

Tiziana Palazzo - Regional Director of Global Woman Club Milan Italy

Tiziana Palazzo

Tiziana Palazzo Milan Director Global Woman Club, Cht Certified Hypnotherapist, Master Pratictioner NLP, Ceo & founder of Top Project life & Business Consulting, founder of the first italian web platform with international vocation for the efficency daily woman self-help,  founder of the hypnowater therapy to rebalance, recharge, rejuvinate Editor and Best Seller Author.

Tiziana was born to the marvellous south Italy sea in a military town called Taranto, in Puglia, after surviving to two abortions attempts. After divorcing she land to Romagna in the Cesenatico Area without any job and any family to count on, with 50mila lire( 25 euro) and a 5 years old baby and a friend of a friend phone number. Here she started working with the worldwide famous cycler Pantani ‘s family that she still remember as generous and respectful people to be gratefull for. After a seasonable job she enter as seller in the G.D.O. business world. After few months she definily professionally growth starting from Lay Out Manager to HR Manager where she discover her special talent to help people to be the Best of themselves, infact anytime the international firms where transferring her to solve some workers challenges in their Brandize stores, not only she solved the people situations peacfully but the store increased of around 20% revenue and more each time, too.

The way she got to know Mirela and her Fabulous Global Woman Club project is Miraculous.

One day while she was, as author, presenting her Best Seller book: Behoind all …FLY! in a Library in Bellaria city, in Romagna, after the event a man approached her to greet her, that man was the Great Stelian Suciu,  Owner of Successful Life Corporation, that she was never meet in person before. After few days He ricontacts her and thanks to a lovely suggestion of the  marvellous soul like Alina Mitrut,both introduced her to the opportunity of joining the Global Woman Club by presenting her directly to the unique and brave Mirela Sula, the founder.

What I found in The Mirela’ Global Woman project was consistency and most of all the answer to a very important inner question: How could be different my life having a Global Woman Club at my back supporting, me,  counting on each lady  and sharing own talents each others, growing together in a sustainable and ethic business? And what about the fixed point that Global Woman Collaborate with the masculine part of humanity to create a positive and unstoppable leverage to change the world one person at time, one town at time, one nation a time, one continent a time? Isn’t Mirela and the Global Woman Club The Answer to the Dalai Lama’ profechy: western women can come to the rescue of the world?

And because I’ve been experienced the ethical mission of Global Woman Club, the coherence and congruence and the great integrity of the founder too, that’s why, Yes, I decide to make it land in Italy too. I believe in the Vision, in which each woman is called to gift the world with her inner talents and personal power. I can see that one day all the women in the world will peacefully rise up  starting to love and respect themselves while growing their ethical business, for changing the entire world and making it a better place to live. And one of the answer is to get out of female competition, jealousy and become real influencers as women – leverage helping each other and  inspiring all the world to follow the new paradigm of been a Woman.