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Mirela Sula

How did it all begin and evolve?

Mirela arrived in London from Albania in September 2012. She had visited a few times previously but this time she decided to stay. There is a longer story to be told about her background and early period in London and for that, we recommend that you read her story, and of other migrant women, in the book ’50 Inspiring Voices of Migrant Women – From Struggle to Success’, released in December 2017 and available on Amazon.

In January 2014, Mirela had the idea of creating Migrant Woman magazine to feature stories of Migrant Women from around the world and to give them a voice. This was first published in April, with a launch event at Regent’s University London for the magazine in July. In May 2015 the first Inspiring Migrant Woman conference was held at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel, Aldwych London, with more than 250 attending, and soon after, it was decided to create a new brand, of Global Woman magazine. It was felt that this would be more inclusive to include all women with high aspirations to achieve greater success, providing a global platform for women to promote their work, to speak on stage, to publish their books, invest in their self-development and build their brand globally.

Migrant Woman became an online brand only and a not for profit company. Global Woman Magazine has grown from strength to strength and Global Woman events even more so.

In 2016, Mirela hosted the second Inspiring Migrant Woman conference in London in May, the first Global Woman Summit over two days in late July, in London, and the first Global Woman Entrepreneurship Forum in November. This included a “Pitch to the Dragons” session, with five women pitching to a panel of successful entrepreneurs. Four of the women won a gift of mentorship and the winner the prize to attend the World Angels Investors Forum in Istanbul Turkey. This led to finding an investor and not only more than £600,000 of investment but also becoming a business partner with shares in his business. Dare to dream big.

In 2017 along with the growth of Global Woman Club, many Global Woman events have been held in various global locations around the world, including the ‘Phenomenal Global Women’ project, which involved ten women from various countries being filmed for a PBS TV documentary in Hollywood in October (to be broadcast in the Spring of 2018), hosting a successful conference there, and publishing a book. This should give you an idea of what is possible and why Global Woman is fast attracting an incredible network of warm-hearted women with ambition to follow their passion and be successful in their chosen field.

How was Global Woman Club born?

The first ever Global Woman breakfast was in a large boardroom meeting office near to Liverpool Street station in London, the home of a company called Total Objects, in March 2016. Around six months previously, Mirela had met a British entrepreneur in Shangzhou China, after presenting to a room of 700 multi-million-pound entrepreneurs and investors. Mirela was offered the use of free office space, which she took up with two interns she had recruited, from January 2016.

In a male dominated technical environment, she observed that there were many large meeting rooms that were often unused, and in late February 2016 decided to do something for International Women’s Day on 08 March, which had the full support of the host company. Mirela invited women she knew and had a full boardroom of nearly twenty that created an energy and vibration reverberating around that caught the attention of the workforce on the whole floor.

From there it became a monthly event, with a packed room of up to 30 women each time, until the company moved in late September to a new location with only small meeting rooms.

Temporarily there was a pause but not for long. Nika Jazaee, who had been working as an intern, had made a connection with the marketing manager at the grand restaurant which is Savini at Criterion in Piccadilly Circus. Mirela had a meeting and an arrangement was agreed, signed by the Head Office soon after, for Global Woman to hold monthly breakfasts there from December 2016 for one year. The model changed to a membership platform and has evolved to the successful format that it is today. As anyone who soon gets to know Mirela will be aware, she never stands still.

In March 2017 she was in a collaboration for an International Women’s Day event in Amsterdam, which was very successful, and this sowed the seeds for taking Global Woman Club global. Events were held in Chicago in April, Dubai in March, Paris in June, which led to the second regular Global Woman Club of monthly breakfasts. Stockholm and Amsterdam followed in September, and in November, followed Nottingham, Birmingham, Brussels, and Los Angeles.

In June Mirela hosted the second two days Global Woman Summit in Tirana, Albania and this included a special dinner for the speakers at the presidential palace as guests of the wife of the Prime Minister, and lunch with the Minister for Urban Development.

A growing momentum is flowing, and many more new locations are planned for 2018. With the addition of a new website that connects all of the clubs and activities, automates the process of joining and renewing online, and receiving follow up communications, these are exciting times for Global Woman, reaching out and ready for connecting ever more widely, in its goal of empowering one million women by 2020.

About Mirela Sula

Mirela is the author of several published books. The last two are best-sellers in Albania and her book ‘Don’t Let Your Mind Go’ has been published in America by Balboa Press, a division of Hay House. The same book will be published in Turkey soon. In Albania, Mirela is a highly respected psychologist, a leader for women’s rights, a public person contributing as a columnist and being a panellist on different TV shows in Albania.

Mirela is the organiser of the Global Woman Summit and Global Woman Awards. She has appeared on London Live TV, BBC Radio 4 Women’s Hours, Sky TV, Top Channel TV etc.

Mirela is the winner of many awards, such as the “Inspirational Award for Women 2015” for Human Rights, The Best Book of the Year from The Author’s Awards in 2016, the ‘Best Up-And-Coming Inspirational Influencer’ Award from The Best You, in 2017, and the Universum Donna Award 2017 from the Universum Academy of Switzerland.