Learn how to create a global brand, make money, make friends and travel the world living your dream.

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IMPORTANT QUESTIONS – Does this feel familiar?

  • You are working day (and night) for someone’s company, but at a crossroads to  start your own business, a gain financial freedom and have more time for yourself, family and friends?
  • You are already in a business, but struggling to find the right formula to make it profitable and grow massive?
  • You want clients to be rushing to hire your business?
  • You want to reach a global audience overnight?

Global Woman Club Founder Mirela Sula has MASSIVE EXPERIENCE delivering high-quality content for people, hungry to explore new opportunities in life – and find the courage to take action.

This AMAZING course will take you behind the scenes of how Mirela Sula and many of the women she has coached, have built their success – including all their challenges and victories.

Mirela will teach you how to walk toward success and build a successful business. She will share with you THE EXACT STEPS she utilised to build her global platform with Global Woman and the Business Woman Today.

At the end of the day, you too, will be ready to can build a wildly successful business and a great career. YOU WILL BECOME UNSTOPPABLE.

  • COME UP with a great business idea
  • START or grow a business with no money
  • BRAND it and do the right marketing
  • BUILD your confidence and discover your inner gifts
  • CREATE the right mind-set and keep yourself accountable
  • DISCOVER the secrets of a strong and powerful mind.
  • BUILD resilience and long lasting confidence in overcoming any challenge you face
  • OVERCOME negative thoughts, emotions and common limiting beliefs
  • BRING OUT your own story and combine it with your expertise in order to write and publish your own book.
  • CREATE your online business
  • BUILD your platform and make it global
  • CREATE your products and sell it online and offline
  • USE THE POWER of the mind in order to create a positive impact in the world and influence people.
  • BE FEATURED in the media and inspire people around the world
  • SPEAK on big stages and reach a global audience
  • MASTER social media
  • FIND OUT what sets you apart, find your niche, and monetise your mind
  • ATTRACT the right associates and the clients of your dreams so you can enjoy your business, make money – and have fun.
  • AVOID the common mistakes and struggles that you don’t need so you become successful inspiring entrepreneurs.
  • LEAD with your vision, mission and live your WHY
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