Kristina Culaj

Art Director

Kristina is a multidisciplinary artist from Kosovo. Currently based in Tirana, Albania. She’s studied Art Direction and Design of Communication at the European Institute of Design in Milan and continued her studies in Film and TV Direction at the Academy of Arts of Tirana.

She has worked for many important commercial brands, governmental institutions, and no-profit organizations. Kristine has 10+ years of industry experience with advertising, visual communication, design, editorial publishing, and filmmaking. She directed several short films, commercials, and documentaries but she also worked in the cinematography, editing and motion graphics departments in many projects, some even turned to be award winners. She also co-founded the first cinema dedicated magazine in Albanian.

Now she works at Global Woman directing the creative team and the visual communication of the brand.

Quote: Working for big corporates is nice, but you can find yourself inventing an inspirational slogan to sell soap. I’m so happy to be working for Global Woman because the strong values that we communicate will impact many people.

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