The Global Woman Club Paris was a phenomenal event. WOW – It brought together everyday identifiable women that are doing phenomenal work in the world -and- creating a huge impact globally. It is incredible what we as women can achieve when we a) recognise our worth and value, b) stand in our own authentic power, and c) collaborate with each other, and to have a The Global Women Club fostering that, what more can one ask for?

As a speaker, what I got out of it was an extra dose of inspiration powered by jet fuel to fully step into my gift and Divine mandate to serve as a speaker. Thank you for that. And an enormous thank you to the most generous Connie-Lee for putting together such an incredible event, and Mirela, Global Woman Club’s founder for pioneering this platform for us all. Thank you for having me as it was truly my honour.

To the speakers with whom I shared this generous space with, a deep bow of gratitude for opening me up even more with your inspiring journeys. Thank you all for existing, for showing up, stepping fully into your power for all of this to even be possible. I truly feel the best was had, and even more of the best is yet to come.