We often don’t realise how powerful a voice who is heard, can be. We often go through life struggling, wanting, and wishing to be heard, to be accepted and supported by someone. Someone who can tell us: “Yes, you can”. Someone who can believe in our potential.

Global Woman Club  to me is about being heard and about having a voice on your own. It’s about listening to someone that needs to be acknowledged, understood, and accepted. Without judgement, criticism, or prejudice. It’s about realising how powerful a gesture can be and that a single sentence might change your life. It’s about being able to talk about your biggest fears and failures in front of complete strangers. It’s about being yourself in its fullest meaning.

No one can achieve success alone and no one can go through life alone. Global Woman Club is about giving women a hand to achieve what they aspire to, no matter where they come from, no matter what field they are expert in, and no matter what they dream off.

What matters is the story. The story of courageous women, with a great desire and ambition to be the best version of themselves. A story that brings women across the world together.

To be more. To be better.


Saimira Tola – Khouw is a Lawyer and Journalist. Founder of European Legal Research and Training Network, an organisation dedicated to early career lawyers across Europe. Motivational speaker for legal professionals, a coach, and a writer.