In October 2106, I met Mirela Sula in London and she spoke about the Global Woman breakfast meetings. I asked her if they were held in Amsterdam as well. She replied: “No, but I can set one up there’. The very first Global Woman Club Breakfast in Amsterdam was held on 20th October 2017 organised by the amazing Amsterdam Regional Director, Giovanna Vega.

Personally, I love being a member of Global Woman Club as it brings like-minded women for me to connect with. I am going to give trainings with some of the people I met at the Club Breakfast. Because of this my business is expanding internationally.

Also, the pitch for members is an amazing opportunity to share my story and tell others about my passion and vision on health and connecting to who we truly are.

I really believe that everyone who has inner peace, is connected with the LOVE energy. Love can then be spread to others and this contributes to peace in the world.