about Carin Van Loon is her heart. There is so much intelligence and love in her heart which she consciously cultivates and shares in a magical way. She has a tremendous ability to connect with people and put them at ease which will truly be an asset in her role as the Global Woman Club Director of Belgium.

What I found so refreshing when I first met Carin was her charisma, humility and presence. Her just being herself and daring to wear her vulnerability as a strength shifted my paradigm and there’s been no looking back since. When I met Carin, I was looking for validation and direction, little did I know what an impact joining her Life Coaching class would have on my self-esteem and business prospects.

My sister-in-law and I drove for nearly three hours to bear witness to our Life Coach, Carin, show up big on stage with that charisma and vulnerability for all to see and what a wonder it was. That was in September at the GWC launch in Amsterdam. When we arrived, Carin was with other GWC members singing at the top of her lungs (in tune, might I add) “I’m So Excited and I Just Can’t Hide It” and warmly greeted us and introduced us to all her colleagues. It reminded me of what I love about her, that ability to put you at ease and feel important. What was even more remarkable was that all the other GWC women were just as welcoming and attentive.When I started the Life Coaching course with Carin, everything that she has achieved today was merely a twinkle in her eye. It has been a phenomenal life lesson to watch her transform and grow into her potential, now that’s what I call a real Life Coach!

At that launch in Amsterdam, Mirela Sula, Giovana Vega, Connie-Lee Bennet and Ellen Bjerkehag showed us what business woman can do differently in networking and collaborating is to genuinely connect from the heart, devoid of judgement, complaining and limitations. My sister-in-law and I have been growing exponentially ever since, because that message resonated so profoundly. We were energised and motivated after the Amsterdam launch in September that we immediately started planning an event in our hometown in Mechelen, which we successfully co-launched in Novemeber 2017.It’s an incredible privilege to be part of this organic, intuitive movement giving women a voice and chance to take control of their own destinies, in unison with other women.

I believe Carin can be a catalyst for the Belgian entrepreneur women to own and grow in her own feminine beauty and power.I’m grateful that I don’t have to travel to Amsterdam, London or Paris to experience the high energy and networking possibilities every month since Carin is leading the GWC breakfasts at an amazing location in Antwerp. I simply can’t wait to be together with the other inspiring women I met last time. When you get a paradigm shift like this, the support network and uplifting conversation is so important and that is exactly what, I suspect, has been foreseen in the vision of GWC’s founder, Mirela Sula, and I must say each director and member extends this supportive conversation and action superbly to each other.If you love adventure and growth you really ought to check out the GWC networking breakfasts, in Antwerp at an exquisite location (Paleis op de Meir).

I envisage exponential growth for the Club in Antwerp with Carin at the helm of affairs. She will rally around her movers and shakers who think-big and do-graciously to really stand out and make the other GWC members proud and be flabbergasted at their own capabilities.

Hyacinth Jones