If you would compare life to a dance, then Carin is a great dance teacher, specialised in helping people to find their own unique dance style.

Whether its ballroom, classical, Latin or samba… she learns you to find your own individual rhythm and moves, to design your own choreography. Not the rhythm and moves of the society, but your own authentic rhythm and moves. When you fall, she learns you how not to see it as a failure, but how to learn from it and how to let it be part of the dance. She learns you to dance independently from your own power and soul.

As Director of Global Woman Club Belgium, she is the right lady at the exact right position and place. With her bright warm heart and enthousiasm, she has the power to connect people with different dancing styles to an amazing netwerk Global Women.

Carins mindset resonates perfectly with the authentic warm positive female power of this network. She occupies this position with so much positive energy, love, but first of all with her pure, exited, encouraged heart as a Global Woman.

Elke van den Bosche