I met Giovana Vega in January 2017, when she gave a Trading Course in Amsterdam. This is where I came into contact with Global Woman.I was a bit skeptical at first, when Giovana told me that she loved the Global Woman Club so much and it had done so much for her.

Sometimes I am really a person who has to believe something myself before I can judge. I’ve been to a lot of seminars and visited some clubs but every of them wasn’t giving me a feeling that I was welcome, only my money, and that was it.

At the opening event of Global Woman Club in Amsterdam I did the make-up of some lovely speakers. I met a lot of women including members of the club. I was just stunned. All of them were so nice and friendly and most of all so honest.That is really something that I appreciate. I prefer people being just honest with me so I can learn and grow then hide the truth with a beautiful lie.

Then Mirela came downstairs and I was a bit star-struck. That hasn’t happened a lot to me and she came and spoke a little bit with me. It was like I had known her for years. So, friendly and kind. When she went on stage, I called my husband and told him that this club was so different from all the others that I have been to before.

It’s all about business but also you feel a warm feeling when you enter. And you can be you! No matter if you are hard, brutally honest, or like me, love to laugh and make jokes and love to learn.Everybody is welcome.

The breakfast in the Krasnapolsky Hotel Amsterdam was also a joy. I met more lovely people there. I am expanding my world, and I am expanding my business. And the Global Woman Club is giving me that little push that I sometimes need. I believe everything happens for a reason and moments come into your life when you are ready.

I am really so thankful to Giovana for guiding me and being a great friend/mentor. And I am so forever grateful to Mirela for coming up with this GREAT idea for starting Global Woman. Without her a lot wouldn’t be possible for meand other members.

Once Again, from the bottom of my heart – THANK YOU