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Join us at our next breakfast event in CHICAGO, USA. Here, you’ll get your chance to tell your story and connect with like-minded, aspirational women.

Whatever your history or track record, what’s important, is how big your future dreams and ambitions are – and how to achieve them. GLOBAL WOMAN CLUB CHICAGO, USA is here to help you become the best version of yourself, so celebrate the diversity and energy we offer, and discover “it’s 100% possible” – with a little help from your new friends.

To discuss membership and how you can benefit, please contact us direct. we’ll do our best to help, and hope to see you soon.


Shuntella Richardson
Regional Director, Chicago USA

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Shuntella Richardson, is the CEO of Results to Success Inc., an International Speaker, Results Coach, and Author.


This business savvy, “geek with flair” has more than 24 years of vast experience in the Information Technology sector, Shuntella has worked with both national and global companies.  Her unique leadership style engages clients into seeing the benefits of working together believing that, “Everyone has a gift that can contribute to a team’s desired results.”

As the CEO of Results to Success Inc., Shuntella has spent over 15 years coaching, motivating and inspiring audiences to get out of their comfort zone and get on the court, when it comes to life.  She quickly breaks down limiting beliefs; some known and many hidden, leaving her listeners and clients more effective in their overall success.

Interviewed on television, radio and in magazines, Shuntella Richardson is decorated with several speaking and business accolades.  She appears in feature films, jumps from perfectly performing airplanes, and may take over the pilot’s seat from time-to-time.  Shuntella is also featured as a co-author ofFrom Fed Up to Fabulous.  This book tells the real stories of seven successful businesswomen, from six different countries, and four generations who each have had very unique and challenging circumstances to overcome.

Shuntella shares stages with some of the world’s best in business and speaking; global leaders such as Dr. Ervin Laszlo, Lisa Nichols, JT Foxx, Mark Norcross, Dr. Yvonne Thompson, George Ross and Hugh Hilton, just to name a few.  She is highly sought after to keynotefor women and youth conferences, commencement ceremonies, colleges and universities, and Fortune 500 corporations.

As a speaker for the 2016 Global Woman Summit in London, Shuntella Richardson and Mirela Sula met face-to-face. Shuntella, “fell in love with the vision of Global Woman. Women assisting women, in becoming better versions of themselves”.

You may gather a sense of Shuntella’ssouthern charm from her roots in Louisiana. Originally born in Louisiana and then moving to Chicago as a young girl.  “Although I love the warm hospitality of the south, there is something special about the liveliness of Chicago.  It is a magnificent city!  The architecture is stunning, the food is amazing, and the residents are the greatest.  As for the weather – that’s an acquired taste!”

Being a proud mother of one daughter, Shuntella Richardson is thoroughly committed to educating and developing teen girls, career women, and aspiring entrepreneurs.  Demonstrating this commitment, she accepted the role as Regional Director for Global Woman Club Chicago, after a sold-out April 29thconference.

“Every woman has a voice.  Unfortunately, many women do not have a platform to be heard.   I’m excited that Global Woman Club provides that platform. Global Woman has forever etched a powerful place among the great — those willing to not simply stand by and watch and murmur, but to actually make a difference in every woman encountered.

What’s different is that our clubs aren’t simply a social gathering.  We are increasing our net worth by building a stronger network.  Yes, we smile, laugh and have a wonderful time; however, in the process, we are boosting confidence, promoting our services and pitching our businesses to businesswomen from all over the world.  Creating amazing relationships is the cherry on top!

It is clear to me that the future of women around the world is becoming brighter everyday, and I’m honored to be a part of our progression.  “


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