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with your Host, Stella Bida

Join us at our next evening event in Brussels. Here, you’ll get your chance to tell your story and connect with like-minded, aspirational women.

Whatever your history or track record, what’s important, is how big your future dreams and ambitions are – and how to achieve them. GLOBAL WOMAN CLUB BRUSSELS is here to help you become the best version of yourself, so celebrate the diversity and energy we offer, and discover “it’s 100% possible” – with a little help from your new friends.

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Stella Bida

Regional Director, Brussels

You can contact Stella at

Phone +32 (0) 491 50 92 72


Getting to know Stella, her background, her business now, how she got to know and became involved with Global Woman, and then the Regional Director. Why she loves it and her own vision and personal perspective for growing Global Woman Club in Brussels and connecting globally.


Who is Stella?

Stella Bida is an Award-Winning Entrepreneur, Business Consultant & Strategist, Success Strategist, Best Selling Author and International Speaker. She is originally from the Central African Republic, but has always embraced different cultures taken from the countries she has lived in. She has always been a global woman!

Stella has worked and partneredfor more than 10 years with renowned international Financial groups, as well as with companies in other industries – from Technology, Banking, Legal, Transportation to the Hair & Beauty industry.

Stella considers herself as a game changer, a disruptor of the norm and the typical.Stella states: “I think my skillsets are geared towards stepping into confusing, problematic and sometimes chaotic situations and creating a solution that leads to success and results!”. It’s this confident yet purposeful approach that has led to not only her continued success but also the one of so many others she works with.

Working with entrepreneurs

By creating successful and global opportunities for entrepreneurs, she has gained multiple recognitions from renowned leaders all around the world. As an example, she has been awarded as a ‘New Leader for Tomorrow’ by the global Crans Montana Forum, honoured by Herman de Croo – Minister of State in Belgium, and the former President of Mali Dioncounda Traore. This gives her the opportunity to impact more people, not only in Belgium but also across the world. She has already addressed more than 2,000 entrepreneurs, CEOs, executives and business owners during the last year, (2017/18) in Europe, Africa and the US.

Meeting the Global Woman Club

Stella was in a transition phase when she met the Global Woman Club. She immediately understood that she was going to join a unique community, which would be a game changer in her life and business transformation.

Since Stella joined the Global Woman Club, opportunities have been endless, and her business has grown globally! From being featured in the Global Woman Magazine, receiving an award at the Houses of Parliament in London, or being invited to share the stage with Les Brown in New-York, Stella knows that without the help of the Global Woman Club community, her vision would not have come true.

Vision for the Global Woman Club Brussels

As the Global Woman Director of Brussels, Stella wants to bring global opportunities to you, so that you can start spreading your message and creating the impact you desire for your community and the world.

She believes that the world is a playground of opportunities when we decide to go beyond frontiers. Her vision for this business club is to allow you to reach your desired success, by connecting you to a community which will celebrate your successes and encourage you for more!

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