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Lidija M Rosati

Regional Director

Network with Professional Women in Belgrade, Serbia – with your Host, Lidija M Rosati

Join us at our next breakfast event in BELGRADE, SERBIA. Here, you’ll get your chance to tell your story and connect with like-minded, aspirational women.

Whatever your history or track record, what’s important, is how big your future dreams and ambitions are – and how to achieve them. GLOBAL WOMAN CLUB BELGRADE is here to help you become the best version of yourself, so celebrate the diversity and energy we offer, and discover “it’s 100% possible” – with a little help from your new friends.

To discuss membership and how you can benefit, please contact me directly. I’ll do my utmost to help, and hope to see you soon.


Regional Director, BELGRADE


Lidija M Rosati

I am an unconventional entrepreneur and global transformational leader, who travels the world, coaching budding entrepreneurs and corporate teams to take their ideas off the ground, empowering them and supporting them globally to live authentically and with integrity, inspiring them to nurture their dreams, to enjoy building and growing their businesses, while cultivating the powerful art of hustling gently. My work is mindfully created and consciously inspired. I am a fully accredited NLP Trainer (Classic and New Code), International Speaker, Business Coach, Hypnotherapist, to name but a few. A wealth creation and wellbeing specialist, I helped co-create Momentum Method – a set of tools designed for the 21st century living and beyond, covering wealth creation, weight loss and thriving relationship. I am a bestselling author of Gaining While Losing – The Gentle Art of Transformation.

I’ve always been a global migrant woman. I arrived in London at the age of 18 to study and decided to make London my permanent home, because I felt that any dream, no matter how big or small, was possible in London. I started my adult life in the investment banking world, but after 10 plus years I discovered I wanted something more out of life. My entrepreneurial flair led me to resign and start my own business, and I’ve never looked back! It is thanks to my courage to leave the safety of the corporate world behind, that I came across Mirela Sula and the Global Woman. A dear friend, introduced me and it was love at first sight!

I met amazing women, entrepreneurs, some thinking about becoming one, others just needing a hub where they wouldn’t be judged, compared or looked down on, in short, a place in which you can find like-minded people, forge collaborations, grow your business and thrive. Global Woman gives you visibility, it is there to support you, to share and promote your work. Recently my article was published in the Global Woman magazine and I was overwhelmed by the response it generated.

And it is precisely this strong, inclusive, genuine, support network that inspired me to start a Global Woman Club in Belgrade, Serbia. I was blown away by the support I got from the Global Woman community, something I’ve never experienced before and something no other networking group, club or association can provide nor even match. Global Woman Club is a unique platform. It supports, encourages, and empowers women to do and be better. And I believe that women in the Balkans, deserve to be introduced to this new paradigm of collaborating, and not competing, networking with the win-win intention. Networking like women do – united in the shared vision. They deserve to be a part of a bigger global picture that the Global Woman platform provides and promotes. My vision for Global Woman Club Belgrade is for it to become a giving community where women help, accept, share, empower and lead each other to greatness! Creating a strong network of powerful strong smart women.

I value loyalty, authenticity and integrity. I believe that we are all leaders and it is our sacred duty to support one another and cheer each other on, and this is what I found in the Global Woman Club Community. You want to be a part of the club where your values match those of the Club and its members. Then you know that the world indeed is your Global playground and no matter where you happen to be in the planet, you’ll be sure to find a global woman who is a part of Global Woman. When you are united in the same vision only the great things can manifest!

My mission is to inspire and empower women to be wealthy healthy and go for their dreams. Here’s to a Global Woman Club Belgrade – a place where entrepreneurial dreams come true!