Marie Menaha

Marie Menaha

Marie Menaha, 35, supports a 10 Million € SME in building a global sales organization by educating, training and empowering their leadership creating high performing teams and increasing profits.

Throughout her career, her travels around the globe, she has noticed that the working world has become a place of frustration and misery, with nothing to show for all the struggle. In the face of this endless rat-race, Marie is asking those around her, “If you don’t love yourself and you are not aware of your own unique capabilities, how will you brave this world?”.

This became Marie Menaha’s mission – she shows to career-oriented people, especially, busy women, how to maximize their potential so they can be successful in achieving their career and being a wealthy sexy easy-going mum!

No dream is too big, no bar is set too high with her method D.I.V.A.

Marie Menaha

– Founder of D.I.V.A. Club


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