Delali Apedo Amah

Delali Apedo Amah

Delali APEDO-AMAH is the founder of B’KELI, the dynamic and outstanding personal development platform with the joyful leitmotiv of being “Your Happiness Activator”

Passionate of seeing people‘s life thriving with a dramatic and positive change, Delali has been trained for years under world known Prophetic leaders as Mike RICHES and Michel CHEVALIER. She has also been serving since 2002 in Healing and Prophetic ministry, helping people to find their purpose in life and to achieve it.  

After  many years of experience and proved method , B’KELI platform combines,  in a savvy manner, the precision of management tools with the supernatural of the prophetic for the benefit of its customers leadership’s needs. This has been made possible through Delali’s double competence.

Beside her expertise in Healing and Prophetic Ministry, Delali is also a licensed Business Strategist with an MBA degree at Sciences PO de Paris. She serves her customers as International Business Development Expert in Europe and in Africa. Mainly in the Innovation Industrial and Technology sector.

Delali has been featured couple of times, as business expert on international medias as:

  • Telesud TVTelesud TV channel
  •  Africa N°1 africa n°1           
  • Ex-patradio Ex-patradio

B’KELI platform offers four services based on The E.C.L.A Method. E.C.L.A stands as an Acronym for brightness in French. It uses JOY as a powerful mean to be whole, to breakthrough and to achieve one’s life purpose

Delali is honoured to offer for free her inspiring and life changing book on “The Secret For a Lifetime Success” to anyone asking for it until December 31, 2019.

Little and Easy-to-read, this book addresses some key questions as “why am I unhappy with my achievements?” “Why do I find myself perpetually launching new things without fulfilling them?” “Why do I seem to attract mainly people who underestimate me? “

It also includes a guideline tool especially conceived for you, helping you to express some of the situations you really want to get rid of.

To receive the book in its eBook version, please feel free to email us at with the promotion Code “GWCPARIS B’KELI Book

This offer is for anyone asking for it until December 31, 2019.  

To know more about B’KELI, please connect with us on


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