Nenna Zetterström is the CEO of Creative Mind Communication and a Leadership & Life Strategist. She works as a Hypnotherapist, NLP trainer, Writer, Lecturer, and Educator, and inspires and helps people with transformational leadership.

When people start living knowing who they are and what they want, magic occurs! Things and life transform, and we become more loving and respectful towards each other. We start collaborating, helping each other, and transforming together.”

Nenna’s calling started early in life and about twenty years ago her inner voice became very loud. She had a knee injury and was doomed to a life with chronic pain. She wasn’t able either to walk or run, and had to take painkillers that made her like a zombie. One morning she couldn’t get out of bed, and that morning she got her calling so loud and clear that everything went absolute still. She understood something profound, and her life was transformed. Today she lives without painkillers, without pain, and both walks and runs. For Nenna, accepting her calling made it possible to live a life of joy, balance and presence, and today she passionately shares her knowledge to help others transform as well.

Nenna’s vision is that our personal transformations will continue to transform our families, workplaces, and all our relationships. By transforming, we create the world we all want to live in. A world of peace, love and respect. That is why she has dedicated her work to “Leadership & Lifestyle (th)at work(s), and it starts from within”.

I believe that we all have more potential and capabilities, and also the inner strength, to transform circumstances into something valuable that can change our life forever. The greatness inside is the key to your special place, to grow becoming the masterpiece you are meant to be.