Marie Wetterstrand is the founder of Way2Grow, and she is a Certified Coach and Mentor based in Stockholm, Sweden. Marie specialises in high performance quality leadership education. She has more than 20 years of leadership experience, and has worked with both national and international companies.

At the age of 38, Marie found herself on the way to a hospital, fearing that she was having a heart attack. It was a wake up call for Marie to become a more sustainable leader, both in personal and professional leadership. That event changed her life, and it led to Marie being not only an appreciated coach and mentor today, but also a mental trainer.

As many organisations still focus too much on sales and performance, forgetting that the key to improving employee engagement is by developing world-class leaders, Way2Grow has created a “5-Step Strategy”. This strategy helps fast-tracking high performance leadership, which increases the value of companies – leaving both leaders, employees and shareholders happy.

Marie has been featured and interviewed in Global Woman Magazine and Our Living City. She is a gifted speaker and the subjects of her talks are  “How to Create and Retain World Class Leaders”, “The 5-Step Strategy of Successful Leadership” and “To be or not to be, Self-Leadership”.

Through failures and successes as a leader, Marie has developed a great platform of knowledge and her vision is to develop world class leaders, by creating an empowering and engaging culture in the organizations.

When being described by others, it is not only Marie’s excellence as a coach that are brought forward.  It’s also that she listens to what people don’t say, and questions inner truths through tough questions, to help her clients reflect. For leaders, this is essential if they want to continue to develop true leadership.

“The essence of good leadership is to bring forward more potential leaders, not to get more followers.”