Josefin Lassbo

Founder of the Wholehearted Academy

Josefin Lassbo is Scandinavia’s #1 Life Goal Catalyst for Professional Women. She is a single mother of two teenage boys, and a personal leadership and change management thought leader, uniquely combining design thinking with a natural holistic mindset.

Starting her career in the early Eco Fashion movement, Josefin won the award

Business Rookie of the Year at Business Region Gothenburg in Sweden. She brought sustainable fashion to a different level, through co branding with SAAB/GM. Josefin is a courageous entrepreneur who wants nothing less than to change the world. She has founded five value based companies, been mentoring startups for seven years, and launched her first book “Management for sustainable development and personal leadership” in 2013.

Josefin has also worked in Bangladesh with innovation design and social business, she designed and facilitated educational programs. With 30 years of personal development expertise and being a master of Reiki healing, her passion is to create healing and growth for an individual, a corporate, or a cultural body that is not resonating to its highest potential. In 2017 Josefin was awarded the Best Feedback Giver in Sweden by Venture Cup, the biggest innovation contest in Sweden.

During a period of almost eight years, Josefin wandered the “Dark Night of the Soul”, a great spiritual initiation, where she met all her fears; failure, poverty, betrayal and her own darkness.  At this time she calibrated her whole being, and turned into a teacher herself. Josefin founded the Wholehearted Academy, a platform for personal and professional growth, offering her own design, The Reflective Circle System of Creation.

My calling is to help raise the female power by focusing on the immaculate value hidden in the feminine experience, and bring it out to the world.”