CEO and owner of DareToGrow

Gun Britt Bolin is the CEO and owner of DareToGrow!*, and she is a Certified Coach and Motivational Speaker with many years of experience. In her work, she is deeply passionate about supporting her clients to find their inner strengths, and to build their personal and professional leadership.

DareToGrow! helps individuals and teams to become more successful. Gun Britt says, that in a global world that is constantly changing, it becomes even more important to improve our communication and collaboration skills, as a way to better cope with stress and periods of increased demands.

Gun Britt’s curiosity took her on a journey to a ten year career in Spain, as a Guide and Director. During this time she became an excellent problem solver and developed her leadership skills. The sense of freedom and the attitude that “everything is possible” also guide her in life.

Gun Britt thrives on challenges, both in business and in her private life, and her friends and family sometimes wonder where she gets the courage and energy to carry out all the things she has on her agenda. One of her most important values is to keep learning and stay open minded. She is constantly looking for new knowledge and skills, and she is determined to keep pursuing ways that support her personal growth. Recently she learnt how to become a property investor, and she is today also successfully running an investment company in the UK.

“My purpose in life is to encourage and inspire people to step out of the comfort zone, and find behaviours and beliefs which help them make better choices, on the path to becoming the best version of themselves.”