CEO and Founder of Seven Stars Center

Elisabeth Edborg is the CEO of Seven Stars, and founder of the Seven Stars Center in Stockholm. She is a former IT-manager, who completely changed her career into the field of spirituality. Elisabeth is now working as a medium and healer. She is passionate about supporting her clients to live a more fulfilling life, through personal development. She is also an educator, and teaches in the area of intuition, mediumship and healing.

Elisabeth worked for nearly 30 years in the IT business, as a technician, teacher and manager for large insurance companies and IBM. In the summer of 2004, Elisabeth discovered that she had other gifts. She realised that she could communicate with people who had passed away. Since 2010, Elisabeth is working full time as a medium and healer.

Seven Stars assists clients with readings and healing sessions. She says her mission is to show people how life has affected them, and how they can let go of life patterns that no longer serve them. This, in combination with teaching mediumship and healing, forms the foundation of her work.

For Elisabeth, personal development is important for all individuals, including herself. However, she is also engaged in environmental affairs, through buying trees in Africa via the company Better Globe. The purpose of this is to stop erosion, and help people in this part of the world to a better life. Elisabeth also has a vision of starting a spiritual movement in North Cyprus.

”My purpose is to be a companion for people in growth. I help them understand who they really are, and to connect with who they would be, without the influences of former situations in life, or past lives. I also support people in developing their spiritual gifts, and to understand the spiritual world.”

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