Founder and CEO of Kidz Education

Anett Lindkvist is the CEO, Owner and Founder, of Kidz Education, which operates three pre-schools in Sweden. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Child and Youth Education, and a Master’s degree in Leadership, specialised in the Field of Education. Anett has many years of experience as a teacher, and as an entrepreneur in education. She started preschools with the intention of being involved, her goal was both to influence and improve the preschools of today.

        “With joy and commitment Kidz Education creates an environment that is creative,

                  developing and healthy, both for the children and the employees.”

Even before Anett started her company, she worked on her personal growth. Over the years, she has become more and more aware of the importance of working on her personal development parallel to working with her company, and everything that is included in its activities. Anett believes that to become the best version of yourself, you have to be curious, willing to learn and also evolve as a person when needed. Her company’s journey has made Anett stronger as a person, as there has been plenty of obstacles and challenges along the way. “One has to like solving problems, and when you do solve them, you grow and become more confident.”, she says.

Anett strives to create an environment in the company that allows people to feel that they can be their unique selves. When being authentic, Anett is convinced that people do and create more and are more engaged. This serves them as colleagues, as well as the children and their parents. Anett also thinks that caring is important, people want to be seen and it is important to respond to that. One of Mahatma Gandhi’s quotes that she really likes, which can be a guideline for those who want to contribute, is ”Be the change you wish to see in the world”.